Week 9 auto leaf question

Hey all, I believe I’m on about the last week for these plants or so. Anyways , can y’all take a look at these pics and tell me if these leaves are normal. It’s mostly just the top layer of leaves, the bottoms of plants look green and fine. But anyways, kind of like a deep brown spotting or color change , thoughts ?


The front and right front is girl scout cookie extreme. Top back left is Bruce banner, and middle two are gorrilla glue

Normal and beautiful. It is just basically the equivalent of fall colors.
One of my White Widows did that too.


Good to know… It’s looks rather pretty and colorful, the array of changing colors. I did snip off some leaves that were crispy on end of leaf and looked rather dull or void of life

Welcome ! The girl scout cookie if you’re not in a hurry still has more to offer , Let those buds keep fattening up. Good luck finishing up


Wow… good to know… I fealt like they were getting a lot of orange hairs, but now it seems like more white pistols keep growing!

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Not uncommon to take 12 to 14 weeks to finish auto’s My last girl scout cookie extreme auto I think was about 14 weeks.


need to check your trichomes to decide if they are ready for harvest. but the leaves your asking about look like normal behavior too me. my first auto grow, the leaves looked like hell by the time they were actually ready for harvest.


you might be able to zoom in enough on the pic too see what your trichomes look like if you have the original size pic on your computer. i have just started experimenting with an old cannon eos camera i’ve had for years. still works and using a 100mm macro lens allows me too se the trichomes well enough to tell what they’re doing without having to use that aggravating little microscope camera some of the growers on here are using.


Lol… I just got the digital wifi microscope! I’ll post some pics later!


looking forward to the pics. you have probably seen this before but if not, here ya go

it was passed on to me so here you go

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Funny you say that about the girl scout cookie… Because a couple days ago I actually trimmed out some smaller inner buds actually seemed like that had almost all orange hairs and seemed done. Anyways , I decarbed and turned 2 ounces into butter. The plant seems fine and grower bigger !

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But yamm all the plants are dense and full

Here is one of mine… one week before I chopped. Only 2 or 3 white pistils on the entire plant at the point of the chop. Trichomes 15% amber.


They starting to fade and get there colours its normal


Colors are normal. I agree with @kellydans you have some time left on all these. Let them fatten up! Do you have another thread?

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I probebly have 100 threads lol, I’m all over this forum! Thanks for the awesome feedback

I thought so. It’s best to stick to one and work from there. Then people know where to go to find your journal. You can post pics and questions you have.

If you want, you could have a mod merge your journals together. Then if you need attention from someone or have a question just tag someone you think might know the answer in by using the @ symbol followed by their name like this @Kozmoz . Beautiful plants by the way!

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Wow thanks! So that’s how it works… I knew I was doing something wrong! So many threads!

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