Week 8 of Flower, deficiency or starting to fade?

Hey all, first grow attempt of white widow photoperiods.

I’m getting into week 8 of flower (as of light schedule to 12/12 change)

Wondering if what I’m seeing on some fan leaves is a deficiency of some kind or they are starting to fade? (pics attached)

Some of the lower leaves have also started to curl up and die as well, but no really color fade.

Currently feeding with 10ml/gal of tiger bloom from fox farm only, ever other day. Plain ph water every other day also. Keeping the ph around 6.0. I flushed 1 week ago also with plain ph water.

Like I mentioned, first grow, just grateful this ladies are still alive. Any comments/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

How are the buds looking? It’s not uncommon for plants to slow down on feeding leaves and start sending more nutes to the bud sites.

Buds seem healthy overall but kinda small for 8th week maybe. But being 1st grow and experimenting with things I’m sure it wont be a record breaking yield. Any suggestions with feeding, watering etc? I’m on a 12/12 schedule with feeding tiger bloom every other day. Was thinking about reducing the nutes.

If the bids are doing good and your that close to harvest its possible you could do more harm than good by changing anything up at this point. As long as the buds are growing at all I’d keep doing what you’ve been doing for at least another week. Then one more week of just ph water only and maybe harvest in about two weeks. Can let it go an extra week if it’s doing good in 2 weeks. The last 2 weeks are the most important.

Thanks for the advice. It’s the dark period now otherwise I’d get some bud pics.

But they haven’t changed much in the last couple weeks, still basically white pistils with maybe 1-2 of them turning a slight amber color. I’m assuming anything done to speed up the maturation process would sacrifice yields?

Should the buds get significantly bigger in the final weeks?

If they’re still mostly white pistils then you have a minimum of two weeks to go. Without looking at tricomes you want around 95% brown pistils for harvest. Some strains take longer than others and even individual plants basically get ready on their own time table lol. Its towards the last weeks that take the most patience. My last grow was in veg for about 4 months then in flower for another 10 to 11 weeks. Just no rushing them. They may or may not get a lot bigger but they usually do grow more in the final weeks. Does your light have 1 or 2 switches on it? If it has 2 turn them both on.

Also how far is your light from the top of the plant? You want it as close as it can get without burning the tips.

Yeah, i have the full spectrum mode on maybe 4 inches away from the tops. No signs of burning or stress that I can tell. The upper fan leaves actually look very healthy. Not a very high wattage LED though, so I ended up buying a second identical light. Probably way too late to do any defloration on the bigger fan leaves you think?

Definitely add the second light. You’d probably be ok taking off a few leaves. Start from the bottom if you do. Just dont overdo it now. The plant doesn’t have time to heal from to much stress. If any leaves are blocking buds take them off.

Can you get a pic of the whole plant in normal light?

Here’s a few. They’re definitely crammed in there. A few bigger colas, but I’d say the buds next to my thumb are the average size ones.

Also noticed this morning there’s a small red indicator light that is always on,shining a little bit of light during the dark period. I tapped it over. Hopefully it didn’t hurt anything.

Looking good! Make sure you have good air circulation with all of the leaf growth. You still have at the least a couple more weeks maybe more. I would remove some fan leaves for better light on buds and better air circulation. Any dead or yellowing leaves can go first. Next any leaves blocking light from bud sites. Then maybe a bit more selectively. Looking at the white pistils on top of the buds you want about 95% of those to turn brown before harvesting. Can you get one pic showing all the plant?

I wouldn’t stop feeding yet. You should be ok with the red light. You would have known by now.

Its actually 4 plants in 3.5 gal pots crammed in a 2x2 tent, which I wont do again.

I can see the light penetrating to the bottom of the tent. Does that mean there’s plenty of light penetration for buds also you think?

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Any value in lowering the light slightly? I don’t feel much of any heat coming off it.

Yes you can drop the lights. I’d get rid of all of the yellowing leaves. They aren’t contributing at all just sucking up water and nutes that need to go right to the buds. Do that then send another full pic. :+1::sunglasses::v:

No leaves are really yellowing, but some have those spots from the pics I posted earlier. You think those leaves can be removed?

Yes you can remove those. If any large fan leaves look like they are starting to dry up they can be removed as well. You want to keep good healthy leaves for now but the more that go now the more energy and nutes go to the buds.

Here’s after removing some foliage and lowering lights about 2 inches.

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