Week 5 into veg after lst and scrog

Hello everyone
5week veg white widow
Soil 24inches from tsl2000 at 75%
Medium is FFHF 3/4 and 1/4 perlite in 5 gl cloth pots
Rh 50%
Temp 75-81f
White widow photo

Ground to soil is 11 inches
Did lst very low and put scrog at 12 inches above soil. Given I gave a 4x2x6 tent at what height should I flip to 12/12, I think I can get my like up to 2 inches from ceiling of tent.

At what height to flip lights 12/12

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They will about double in size during the stretch normally. Sativa’s will go 2 or 3x height and indica will stretch 1.5-2x. White widow is 60% indica so 2x is probably what you’re looking at. Flip whenever you want based on that.

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Im going to flip mine at 5weeks. White widow photo also. Thats my goal at least.

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I had same question n flipped my seeds which are hybrid and flipped at 12 inches. My non fimmed plants are now at 27 inches and fimmed at 20. 1 week into flip

Right at flip. And 2 days ago

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Just a heads up, I’m growing a white widow as well and she went BONKERS after I flipped. I only did veg for like 30 days so be careful :joy:

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Just realized that’s not my White widow :joy: but she’s same height.

Keep your plant under screen until its full then clean up canopy to run one solid cola per square, then flip them to flower.