Week 4 day 6 Norther Lights Fan Leaf Discoloration Vegetation

This is a fem seed
Fox Farm Soil
Water is RO water not PH balanced
No nutrients added at all
What is happening with these fan leaves and new growth.

Where those leaves at the top? What kind of light and how far from canopy is it?

Your gonna NEED to start pHing your water. Nutrients can only be taken up by the plant at specific PH otherwise you get what is called lockout. FF soil only has so much nutrient and after 4 or 5 weeks is when most will begin supplementing nutrients. Somewhere between high/low ph and running out of nutes in the soil is where your problem likely lies.

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RO water does not hold a pH. It is very to no ppms. So it takes the level of the medium. I would advise checking the pH of the runoff.

But those tips dont scream deficiency looks like either light burn, N toxicity, or early Cal def…

Light burn = that edge is white white (most likely culprit)

N tox = the tips are burnd (not the rest of the leaves tho, so shouldnt be that burned on a few leaves)

Cal def = usually starts in middle of leaves with spots not tips.

Hey thank you yes they were in the middle with direct light. It’s a cheap spider farm led light. About 18 inches from the tops.
To your next post
So should I start adding nutrients as well as cal mag to feedings. I don’t have a way to test run off for reasons I’d rather not explain have little access to plant. The new leaves coming in are dying already like those 2 fan leaves in picture.

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What do you mean RO water doesn’t hold a ph?

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It doesnt have ppms. Reverse Osmosis. Its water filtered free of more ‘parts’.

PH only sticks when u have some kind of solids in there. So RO water doesnt hold pH. Lol ik ik weird sounding. But get a cup. And add a DROP of pH down. Itll bottom out. Get another cup and add a DROP of up. Itll skyrocket

Then test it with 100ppm+ tap water. Wont move nearly as much

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Thats light burn then. (New leaves at the top)

Push that light up a few inches.

No explanation needed. But a picture of the whole plant would make me feel alot more comfy recommending that

I’ve not found an RO source that didn’t still have some dissolved solid in it. 3 is the lowest ppm RO I’ve seen and I get that same from a 7 filter system at Walmart. The only water I have found with 0 ppm dissolved solid was distilled. Are you sure on this? The amount of ph up vs ph down used is huge regardless of source of water. Use like one drop of the orange stuff vs 1 tsp of the blue to get it to move equal distance up or down depending. It does sound weird.

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Anything under 25 is pretty much RO. Thats why I said very little. My bad about the misunderstanding. And yes im pretty sure.

What do you mean the ount of ph up and down used is a huge diff? Water for human consumption is recommended around 8-9 if im not mistaken. So most tap is around there.

Nexttime u have the chance try it. Get a cup of RO water and a cup of tap/well water. Heck grab a bottle of distilled too.

Test before. Start with the distilled of course.

Add a single drop of up/down and test again. The distilled will go a mile. The RO almost as close. The tap will barely budge.

Or google a slurry test. They say run it with distilled or RO because the water’s ppms are so low the pH takes the level of the soil/medium.

Not tryna be argumentative but like 97% sure RO doesnt (and if it does it’s negligible) have a pH.

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That first picture is the whole plant should I take it from a different angle . Those fan leaves weren’t directly at the top they were def further down than the top, they just had direct light, wasn’t obstructed.

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Hahaha. My bad. Ima stoner. Honestly thats two leaves. I see a ton of green. I saw white tips and u said new growth was coming in like that so i thought tops.

Light burn starts at the top. @Docnraq may have been onto something. Get you a pH pen.

And as usual i recommend the Apera 20. $40-50 and my 2nd best investment growing period.

Also keep us updated on progress while it ships. May be just leaves getting old and dying

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I wasn’t in it for argument either, I wanted to get clarity. You provided it very well. I will be testing this out


:zap: For SCIENCE!!! :zap: Haha. Good deal my dude. Texts come out diff then words sometimes.

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Agreed! I’ve been told I’m abrasive like salt.

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True That! Apera ph pens are where its at! This video did it for me, they slam those pens around that glass cup so re assuring cuz I got perma dropsies. Couple that with smiley face letting you know your reading is stable, 50 bucks well spent.

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Haha i thought i was the only one! Love that damn smiley. Also im clumsy (two right feet and hands) and forgetful as all outdoors… left mine outside 3-5 months still working (did need new batteries and to recal shortly after but STILL GOING 3 years later)

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I’ve noticed that distilled will start to hold PH at around 100 PPM.


How do you bring the PPM of water up without adding nutes?


I add nutes to bring up the PPM & then PH it. An on days I only want to water I add silica & Cal-Mag & then PH. Or if RO or distilled and I don’t want to add anything, I don’t PH cuz with no PPM the water (distilled or RO) will take on the PH of the soil.