Week 3 seedlings

Feeding jacks @50% do they look like they need more? Some leaves have a crease, or fold a bit. not sure what its about. ?


Whats your watering schedule? Are you allowing a wet/dry cycle to be established?

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None, im keeping the coco wet, at all times.

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This is my 3 week old a few days ago, i feed fox farms 2 tsp each Big bloom, grow big and cal-mag, feed twice daily in a circle around the base, keeping it wet at all times. I let the outside dry out every few days, then add only water to the outside. These girls seem happy


What’s your humidity? In past experience iv seen seedling get wrinkly leaves when humidity is too low or overwatered


I stick to the vpd chart according to the temps 72 to 83

You can probably go full strength with Jack’s in coco. That’s what I use. I also let them dry just a tad the first couple/few weeks, then start full on feeding til runoff

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Then I’m gonna go with @ChittyChittyBangin idea.

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Not sure, havent gotten a meter yet. I keep the fan blowing on a grow bag of coco that i keep wet and it keeps a reasonable amount of moisture in the air