Weed never lost hay smell

My weed never lost its hay smell It did dry faster than i would have liked 4 days then i put in jars burped as advised its been 2 months not real harsh but no good weed taste or smell any ideas.
And on another note should i use Boveda during curing.

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Damn :no_mouth: I don’t have an answer but I’m watching thread to find an answer. Good luck

Pretty good chance that the boveda never really let the chemicals off gas properly. They are two way packs, absorbing when needed and providing when needed. So if at any point you were over the packs provided humidity level, it was probably absorbing the gasses you thought you were burping off, and then holding them within the jar the entire time.

The boveda’s are relatively newer thing, so not everyone has been exactly sure of best way to use them. I’ve been using them in my cigar humidor for a while, but I reserve them for storage purposes on weed. Only introducing them once I’m satisfied they are cured properly.

It’s not the only explanation, but probably most likely.

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Your bud wasn’t dry enough before going into the jars… I have plants that have been hanging In my drying area for 2 month’s now… the smell is ridiculous… and so is the high…
The hay smell that you’re talking about is actually the smell of chlorophyll… you need to dry your plants in a way that allows the fermenting process to take place which the plant will eat up all the chlorophyll and turn it into sugars and such… :wink:
I should also add that my drying room stays between 30% and 40% humidity… :wink:

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I agree with @peachfuzz tha Byou jared it to early
I try to maintain around a 55% humidity in my drying space so mine slow dries it will get into same range as peach tho
The buds most likely only felt dry to touch
Stems should snap and break not bend if the bend center of bud will still be wet

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