Web-like substance on stems? Can't find anything like it here

I’ve got a white, web-like substance on the bottom (mostly bottom) of the stems of my plants. I can’t see any bugs, but that has to be the cause. I’ve been rubbing it off for now, but know that won’t keep working. I’d love to take a photo, but… it would be on my phone & show location, etc even after it was deleted…can’t do it. It’s not on the leaves, just the stems.
Any ideas & how to get rid of it?

Without pictures we most likely won’t be able to tell you what it is bud, unless you describe in full detail what it looks like and feels like, but even then unlikely.

I just went out and fuzzy white bugs are jumping off of it now. I think I saw something like that on one of the threads. I’ll go look again. thanks. Wish I could take a picture, but…

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Sounds like Spider Mites to me.

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Looking at photos, they aren’t spider mites. They’re white. I think they’re mealy bugs.

Yeah, sorry I didn’t see your reply about them being white. Mealy bugs is probably it. Luckily they are much easier to deal with and far less detrimental to your crop! :slight_smile:

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Could be aphids. They create a weblike coating on the underside of the leaves usually. Do they look like this?

Donaldj & AnneBonny, thanks for your help. Turned out to be mealy bugs. After I posted, I went out and sure enough, this time there were the little stinkers on the web-like stuff. They jumped off the plants and I could see them easily. I’ve been rubbing it off, but that won’t last, so we’re making a natural repellent today after we go get the castile soap. We’ve got the other stuff easily ;).

thanks again! nice to have such friendly people…who would have thunk it on a weed site ;).