Mold or spider webs

I’ve just noticed on one of my buds they have like spider webs on it. I actually saw it the other day and thought it was heavy pockets of trichomes. I took a knife and pick and it’s more of a spider web, so I’m guessing spider mites but not sure. 1st grow. Maybe it’s mold, no clue. I keep the humidity at 50. It’s in an A/c room kept at 75 degrees. Here is a couple pics.

These are super skunk and thanks for any advice. They are close to harvest.

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I don’t know anything about outside buddy but I know just the man who does @Majiktoker
-best wishes

This is an inside grow.

Oh. Then you got problems.

I would start looking underneath the leaves for little bite marks. Thete little white things you should be able to see them with just the eye, but any magnification will help

I’m not exactly sure how to treat them in Flower, but Magic is still the right guy that can help you
-good luck

I’d rather it be spider mites than mold cuz these buds are about to get wacked, but I do hv others in there.

Well I think you’re going to get your wish because it’s definitely not mold

a lot of people recommend a lot of things here I would suggest you listen to Magic, also will @garrigan, they both usually around early evening Eastern Time

I’ve only had mites once and that was over 20 years ago …I didn’t do so good against them :thumbsdown:

I gotta say that’s one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen and I’ve lost whole gardens to them

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I saw a little the other day while checking trics, thought it was just heavily concentrated but today the whole bud is white. Grrrr. Always something.

Looks like grey mold to me or a powdery mildew


@Majiktoker So that’s more like a fuzz than a web ?

That’s why I hardly ever guess at pics, my eyes aren’t so good anymore

I’ll find that Cervantes video on how to treat that, you can dip those, they’re still salvageable I think

Edit: here you go T, hope this helps


Good advise but I don’t know if I’d trust it

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It’s came up fast. It’s very similar to a web. I’ll give anything a shot rather than loose.

Run across some strange stuff growing inside. I think it’s my fault for topping it w super soil a couple weeks ago.

do you have a 30x or 60x loupe or magnifier to check out the area in question?

maybe take a clearer photo to magnify and inspect the trichomes for life or death?

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Yeah I been work all day. I’ll def check tomorrow. I’ve looked at every website on Google. I’m prolly gonna harvest tomorrow.

I Googled ‘MMJ fungus pics’ and there’s tons of pics like yours :frowning: …sorry

I’ve never seen it that bad, when I had it it was only on my leaves. Cervantis is a guy I read but I don’t know …maybe making oil with it might be better ?
keep us posted!

Will do. I’ve googled also. Lots of spider webbed buds out there for different reasons. I’m gonna dissect it tomorrow.

Growing MJ is hard work. All I want is some good smoke. Lol.

You have to be able to do both …:wink: and you have no tell tell bite marks that i can see…not mites ,That’s the good news …Now to be certain take more picts concentrate on Clarity… next the Bad its not powder mildew i see, it looks like plain old mold like mildew mold .harvest soon !!! meaning the effected plant /s The Ugly, cut and toss all effected bud zones in garbage , prior to drying dry it fairly fast or it will spread like DRY mold (…like leave almost dry bud in bag 1-2 moths fine then you go to burp it its all weby white LOOKING … some times this happens ,even though you have you RH in low range …What a shame … you maybe able to shave it down and save more . it looks like a decent cola . Hammer… Don’t for get dry it fast …over 3days … this will ruin some of the flavor and sent .but its better then smoking mold …H

What about @garrigan62 now he’s an indoor grower type of guy…lol
Just giving you a hard time @Paranorman .


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