Water Germination question

Last November I got 20 WW seeds from ILGM. They didn’t come with germinating instructions. I searched the site and found Roberts guide. It says one way (his favorite) is to soak 24 hours in water then soil. I did it with 6 seeds and only 1 sprouted. After a week I emailed support and the return email said I should have left them in the water until the seed cracked and I could see the sprout, then put in soil. Eventually 4 out of 6 sprouted the way I did it. The longest took 9 days.

Now the question. I put 6 in water last night. Should I put them in soil after 24 hours or wait until they sprout in the water and then put in the soil.

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I soak mine for 4-24 hours depending on how impatient I am feeling that day. From there I plant straight into the medium I will be using weather it is rockwool, coco or soil. So far I have had 100% germination rates. I may have just been lucky so far but if it isn’t broke :slightly_smiling:

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To add, I don’t wait for the taproot to show. I plant weather the seed is cracking, root coming out or if it is still just floating around. Not the best practices most likely.


They have been in the water 24 hours now. I am putting them in the soil. We will see how it goes

Now the fun part of being patient for them to pop lol.

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3 sprouted today, only 3 to go :slightly_smiling: