Newbee struggles

I’m a first timer and have followed the germination process as suggested and 2 of my 5 didn’t work was this me ?


ILGM will replace them if you ask. Then checkout so grow journals here for pointers on germination

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How long has it been since you put them in the soil?


Could you explain exactly what you did. This will help us see if you did it correctly.


The procedure I used was the recommended instructions from ILGM, I put 4 of 5 seeds in water and 2 of them only cracked didn’t sprout, the cup of water was put in my GR which is at a temp of 72 I’m wondering if the temp of water was to cold ?

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The temp is fine at 72.

The site recommends 1-3 days of soaking in water. As soon as I see legs I put them in soil, If they don’t sprout by the third day I still put them in soil anyway and give it at least a week. I have had seeds that I have given up on pop out of the ground after more than a week. Some are just finicky.

The website doesn’t reference this, but I also pH my germination water to 6.5pH. And prior to putting them in the soil, I also wet the soil with ph 6.5. Whether this is necessary is critical to success is likely debatable, but the only time I have had less than 100% germ rate with ILGM seeds was when i used straight tap water which for me is about 8 pH.

What type of soil are you using?

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The first 2 sprouted within 24 hrs in the water and r now in soil and have shed there seed, the other r still in water going on day 4 and cracked open but no sprouts. I am using tap water and have not checked the ph which I will do today since I just received my test kit yesterday. The soil I’m using is just simple indoor flower soil the specs r

0.12-0.09-0.07 I’m not sure what all that means.

I wondering if I’m just to new to do this :disappointed:

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You are not too new. Just new. Everyone starts there. My method is soak in water for 24 hours then transfer the seeds to a water moist folded paper towel. I keep the seeds between the fold and put on top of my cable box for warmth. Also making sure the paper towel stays constantly moist. After a day or two my seeds usually sprout. Now I have had seeds that just don’t sprout but this does not happen often.

When sprouted I put them in small pots not too deep in the soil and use a mist sprayer to keep the soil moist not too wet or soaked. Less water is better then too much water.

I use ProMix HP soil that has no fertilizer in it at all so 0-0-0. Make sure your soil can drain well. You do not want to have muck as soil.

As a newbie many years ago I killed many a plant but you learn from the experience. Stay positive and you can do this.

I learned everything I know about this from the great people on this site. Keep asking questions.

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I do exactly what @HJL does except I use 3% hydrogen peroxide instead of water it works great I get 97% success rate. Leaving them in water too long kills the seeds, I think please correct if wrong! You’re new grower but everyone starts somewhere. The numbers are your npk


Time then to whip out our packages of seeds and get to work. But how do you best set to work, to get these tiny, fragile seeds to grow without problems into small plants? That there are many different methods you already know, as you also know that everyone has their own favourite particular method. What do seeds need to germinate successfully?

The three keywords are warmth, moisture and darkness. When we give moisture to the seed then the tiny root that is curled up inside the seed start growing and sets off in search of more moisture. Because this root rapidly increases in size, the case or hull of the seed soon breaks open. The first to appear is the fragile little root which may be small but has a strong ambition to grow as fast as possible into a fine cannabis tree. The growing power of a cannabis seed cannot be underestimated. Seeds have the ability to develop very rapidly; within just 12-36 hours of moisture being given to the seed the root will have popped out.


One of the most common methods of germinating seeds is the wet kitchen paper method and its variations. In this, we lay the seeds on a damp, absorbent piece of paper or cotton wool. Thanks to the moisture absorbency of the kitchen paper it is pretty easy to make sure that the seeds receive a continuous supply of moisture. If the kitchen paper is too dry you just have to add a drop more to make it moist once again almost immediately.

How to germinate cannabis plants|100%xauto

It is important to keep the seeds moist but not wet. When you keep the seeds wet, then the rootlet will not go off in search of more water, and so grow more slowly, since it has all the water it needs right where it is, thanks. By keeping it too dry you run the risk of killing the root. Getting it just right is difficult to achieve with this method since the kitchen paper is always either too wet or too dry. But it does work outstandingly well, though some beginners do manage to kill a few seeds in the process.


A second method of germinating is to get the seed straight into growing in its intended medium, having first soaked it in water laced with root stimulator for a few hours. After this soaking, pop the seed straight into its soil, coco or whatever. We plant the seed 5-10 millimetres deep in the medium.

By not planting the seed too deep it can quickly emerge into the light, and so begin to grow. Another good reason why we don’t plant the seed deeper is that any deeper and it risks remaining wet for too long and the seed may start to rot. The upper surface of the medium dries out the quickest and so we need to take care to keep it moist. ‘Moist’ here means that we wait until the upper layer is drying out, and once this is happening, give it more water (and if using it, root stimulator).

Marijuana plant sprout in the ground|100%xauto

In other words, don’t give the medium more water if it is still wet. If you do, you will keep the medium wet rather than moist and give your seeds a good chance of rotting. Some people choose this method because it causes a minimum of stress to the seeds and the rootlet can dive straight into the medium and begin developing. Fairly clumsy growers can damage the rootlet during its planting when they are using the kitchen paper method. The best way of planting the germinated seed is to poke a small hole with your finger.

Make this wet. Quickly lay your seed into the hole. Because the soil is nice and wet it is safe to press the seed gently into the soil without any problem. Cover with a fine layer of soil and add again a very small amount of water(10 ml). So that the seed can anchor itself, don’t give too heavy a slurp of water; if you do, you risk washing the seed too deep and again exposing it to the risk of rotting.

Thank you for the input I do appreciate it and I will try to get the issues rectified ASAP

I would pop them in soil and hope for the best. Good luck

I never sink my seeds anymore, I let them float until they develop a tap root about 1/2 or 1 cm then i transfer them in starter plugs. Grown my best seedlinga that way, hope that helps.

Some here have waited three weeks for their seeds to sprout (autos), I personally have tossed three Blueberry away after several days and two of them were on their way to becoming healthy plants unbeknown to myself,live and learn.

Looking for help. What light cycle is recommend for auto flower ?

I went 20/4 all the way through and had a good harvest.

Many will recommend switching to 12/12 once they show pre-flowers.

Both ways are fine in my opinion.

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I had one seed take 2.5 weeks to pop out I had given upon it. It turned out to be a really nice plant

My Ph in my soil is to high 7.8 what can I do , I’m loosing growth

Are you using a soil probe to determine that?

Do yo have a digital pH meter and TDS/ppm meters for measuring your water/nute solution and the runoff of the water for your plants?

Send along some pics if you can.