Water filtration question

I came across one of these activated carbon water filters that you can attach to your faucet (I found it in my garage unopened. My wife ordered it in the spring and forgot to use it. So I figured why not use it inside this fall/ winter if it could help my grow?). I currently use regular tap water to water my plants. I usually let the water sit out for 48 hours before using it in hopes that all the chlorine evaporates. I guess my question is, to help ensure that I remove most of the chlorine from my water would it be beneficial to use one of these? Are there any pros or cons? I don’t want to use it on my plants without knowing if it’s a safe thing to use or not.
Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this.
Here is a pic and description of the filter-

Anything helps. I use rain and well water. Au naturel so to speak…


Kind of what I was thinking. But I didn’t know if it would remove anything beneficial in my tap water along with the chlorine or if it is just an all-around good thing to use? I would like to get an RO system someday but I have to save up for that. I came across this and thought maybe this will help? Thanks for the reply

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I’m with Oldmarine. Anything helps.

I don’t know if these filters catch chlorine or not. May be a good idea to still let the water sit out for a day to gas off the chlorine.

I put an RO system in a year or so ago. I love it. I drink it, cook with it,… No more buying bottled water.


RO will remove everything. You’ll need to make sure you add trace minerals if you use it.


According to Amazon this is a $40 garden hose attachment sort of thing so I’m not expecting miracles with it.lol I figured if I could put it to use, I would. Just wanted to make sure I knew if it was okay to use or not. I don’t think it removes as much stuff as a true RO system does. I’m guessing from the description it would leave in cal-mag and stuff like that? I would really like an RO system in the near future. That would probably be my next upgrade I would do. Thanks!

If I do use this filter I plan on letting my water sit out anyway. I figured it can’t hurt and I’m used to doing that with my regular tap water anyway. Haha
Thanks for the response

It is certainly okay to use, but Oldmarine made a good point about minerals. I would add cal/mag and make sure that your fertilizer includes micronutrients. This is Big Bloom if you happen to be using FF nutes. It’s hard to hurt a plant with cal/mag as long as you are somewhat reasonable with it. I don’t ever recall seeing a plant with a cal or mag excess.


I don’t think this filter can remove cal-mag but I could be wrong. That’s why I’m asking the question to make sure I know what I’m getting into before I start using it. If it does remove calmag, I do have a bottle of calmag currently. So that wouldn’t be a big problem. Thanks for taking the time to respond

Excellent. I will make sure to add a little Calmag on my next watering, after I screw this onto the faucet tonight. Thanks for the help I appreciate it
Edit- I do use recharge for some extra healthy microbes in the soil

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Be careful with microbe products. I know a lot of people use them, but these products can dramatically increase nutrient uptake. I use Urb, which is similar to Recharge. I’ve had it contribute to nute burn since it increases uptake.

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I did not think about that. Thank you for the tip and advice. I really appreciate that. I’m going to make a note of it and keep my eye on the plants. Thanks!

Reverse Osmosis removes the largest spectrum of contaminants of any water treatment process and it does remove the minerals.

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A lot of growers use RO water. Basically, that strips all the minerals in the water and lowers PH (turns hard water to soft water). With city water it is a must. As you learn, you’ll notice growers referencing CalMag alot. That is because the RO water strips away the magnesium and the calcium very slowly which will cause a calcium and magnesium deficiency down the road in the grow.

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I would like to get an RO system at some point but for now I’ll just use this little activated carbon filter on my basement faucet. This type of water filtration (please see description above) will still leave cal-mag in my water wouldn’t it? From the write-up I understood ,more or less, it’ll help get rid of my chlorine. Thanks for the response. Have a good night

Hi Guys have you ever tried the ultimate ro from the grow boss?

I’m just not sure for my first gow if its better for me to buy a few gallon poland spring waters to water my plants or make the investment and buy this one.

I’m not sure? I currently don’t have an RO system, but would like one. I don’t know much about them so I don’t know if that is a good one or not? I’m sure one of the more knowledgeable people will jump in and answer your question.

I got a brand called Premier from Menards. I’ve had it for about a year and it works great. It cost about $160 USD.

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Thanks. We have a Menards by us, I’ll have to check that out. Thank you for the information I appreciate it. Quick question have you had to change the filters on the system? How long are they good for/ do they last? I guess it depends on the frequency/ use of them etc. Thanks for the info.

Yes. I probably use an average of 2 gallons a day. I just checked TDS and it is still undetectable (TDS < 20.) The system has been used for a little over a year.

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