Water and nutrient schedule for autos

I have some autos. The 1st 2 i grew were alright but they got severe nute burn. I didnt know autos only use like 1/4-1/2 nutes of a normal plant. I found these schedules Im going to try. I water 2x a week. Do you give nutes every watering or juat 1x a week?

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Welcome to the community. Theres more info needed to give a proper response.

Your medium type, size of container and such. I have only grown ilgm autos.

I do feed full strength once past the seedling stsge, yes, at first, less can be better.

As for watering, i use the lift method, when your pot is dry, and very light weight, feed them. Lift after you fed them. Feel the difference. Heavy, when they are dry again by feel, feed them. They might go 3 to 4 days before they need to be fed. When they flower, they will start drinking more and sooner.

Welcome aboard, lots of good grommies to assist.


Theyre fruity pebbles strain in fox farms ocean forest soil in 5 gallon buckets. One is at 3 weeks and the other is at 2. Ive been watering every 3-4days just plain water ph between 6.3-6.5 and gragually more water Im at 2cups of water now.


Post some pics Growmie and for 2 and 3 weeks old is that from breaking ground or veg :love_you_gesture:

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