Want to see people’s opinions on this setup

*Note- this is not my setup. I know someone who recently bought this for $2200 and want your guys thoughts. (I personally think he could have gotten much better for that kind of money but I’m a soil grower with a hlg 550 v2 rspec)

Not exactly sure the dimensions but from the looks of it there is no way I could fit 8 plants in there

Yeah not a chance of 8 , realistic 1. You need about 2 x 2 per plant.

It looks like a seedling tent to me lol

And I just realized there will be 16 plants in there lol and looks like a nice light haha

I need 16 square feet for just 1 plant. In reality I need 50 square feet. Who knows…maybe my sister will let me turn that spare room into a crazy yielding crops.


@MrPeat I know to do, gotta think back to before your plants could fall on you and kill you. :joy:

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I need to get that spare room set up properly which will suck. But I will have to scrub the tent down for all the male pollen so there is that. I just can’t move plants due to that Big Male dropping pollen if lightly touch. Hell you could blow on it and watch the show.

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" make it rain " sorry couldn’t resist.

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Hahaha. Make it rain.
I think the set up will work with your plants, but I do think money would be better spent on better lighting.

Can safely say I believe ur buddy waisted alot of money…lol u can set up a fully loaded grow ROOM with just half that lol looks like he got a small converted drink cooler from a gas station lol

That’s weak for 2000

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lol I never said he was my buddy. I completely agree. just making sure I wasn’t missing something

It might make a decent bud drying tent? Kinda small though, I dont think 1 of my plants trimmed would hang in there?

@Cannabian Only plants that I could fit into that is autos because my photos tend to be “small.”


@TheAccused @MrPeat @Cannabian @SKORPION it is 24x24x60 Superstar w/ Superponics grow system. It must be super for a closet.

So this guy spent 2200$ for a hydroponic seed starter that fits in his closet

Hype sells to the uniformed.


This is designed to grow clones sog method. Would probably work perfectly if used as designed. However, cost is high for quality and performance level of components.


Not just a tent…The one in the pic is 1300, not 2200
Still a bit spendy but probably fills the need for some people.

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