Very new grower here, need professional input on my set up

Started growing for the first time two and a half weeks ago, built a hasty but decently planned grow room and grew four bag seedlings, which are in different stages of growth (oldest = 17 days, youngest = 7 days). I’m using FFOF and used a very small amount of FF Big Bloom. Lights are 3 100w daylight bulbs. Humidity and temp fluctuate modestly but never drops below 60 or raises above 70 in either, and averages out in the middle. My girlfriend accidentally broke the second oldest one in half, so she’s taped in hopes she heals, but I’m tempted to scrap her if her growth becomes too stunted. Feel free to leave any feedback or ask me any questions, because they will help a LOT.
(Pictures should be in order from oldest to youngest)


Some higher temps would definitely help them grow faster, and you’ll need to increase the amount of light you’re giving them once they get a bit bigger. I wouldn’t scrap the one that got broken right away. It’s possible she’ll make a full recovery and not miss a beat!
Definitely don’t start feeding Grow Big anytime soon. Even the Big Bloom isn’t really necessary right now in brand new FFOF soil, but it won’t hurt in small amounts.


@Cap_Ron Agreed.

@Adrjon99 Closer to upper 70’s is a good spot I find for my starts. Heat mat works great.

Cold roots = slowed growth.

Welcome to the neighbourhood btw .



If youre planning on growing indoors youll need to get a decent Led grow light to have any type of success. I would expect to spend around $400 to $500 minimum for an adequate grow light that will push 4 plants.

As mentioned your temps are fairly low. You can control the humidity better with an inverted clear solo cup with a fine water mist inside it and placed over the seedlings.

Your FFOF only feeds for about 3 to 4 weeks. So your 17 day old girl will most likely start needing nutes in the next week or so.

Invest in a good pH meter and a good EC meter. These are the brains of your operation and will be the most valuable tools youll buy other than good lights.

Other that, welcome to the community growmie. Looking forward to watching your grow progress. :grinning:


Under more optimal conditions the 17 day old would be much larger and have depleted more of the initial charge in the soil. Due to the smaller size, I’d say unless it was watered to very heavy runoff a few times, the FFOF is going to keep that girl happy for some extra time. Like you said, the best answer is to get a EC/TDS and pH pen to take the guess work out of it.


@Cap_Ron good call bro.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll get those ASAP and then I’ll update everybody on their results. Also, thanks for the warm welcome y’all, I’m sure I’m gonna be around here for a while lol