New grower to indoor plants

I want to use lights and stuff for three seedlings in doors
My outdoor attempts have never come to much
Plesse can you help advise me
A. Reasonably cheap way to succeed indoors

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Cheap route, get some 300w lights like a marshydro they are pretty cheap at 79.99 right now on amazon… If the budget is right get 2, but one will suffice.
Where are you growing them indoor? A closet or room? If small space get one light but if you have space get 2 they should grow 3 plants good. Gonna need a cheap clip on fan or any oscillating fan , for nutrients you can get Alaska fish fertilizer 5-1-1 should be around 5-10 dollars and also get Alaska pure kelp food in green bottle 0.13-0-0.60 for veg and for bloom get the mor bloom by Alaska pink and white bottle they are all around the same price 5-10$… For soil you can use jiffy organic see starter its a soilless mix or you can look at walmart for promix soil. Also gonna need a ph pen they go for around 15-20 bucks on amazon

Hi thankyou foryoure advise
What about afilterand a grow tent
For the plants indoors.
I dont know the name
I mean the black clothed tents for housing them indoors
I have four now already two inches high in pots on window ledge
When can they go into the growtent or greenhouse
Im going to grow indica in greenhouse.
Do i need. Warmth at moment?
I spent a lot on the seeds brought them back from holland
I dont wabt to mess up.
Tried in past