Very loose buds

My buds are very loose and open, I have dryed and am ready to do final trim and cure. How do I trim these down?


Pictures would help. If buds are light and airy then it’s most likely due to lack of enough light.


Do you feel as though there’s a issue, question is a little open ended. Not exactly sure what you mean.


I did a basic wet trim and dried for 5 days. This is what I have to jar up. Not good


Leave it, cure and enjoy.
Loosen the wallet to tighten the buds😁 just poking at ya buddy, what lights you use?


This was an outside grow. Lots of rain and dark days, had to cut due to mold starting to form. Trichomes still clear,just starting to cloud at 99 days. This was an auto Jack Herer.

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I’m out then, my outdoors are always mutants

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What am I to expect with these buds? This is a first for me so as you can tell Im frustrated. Looks like it is mostly sugar leaves

Go thru with the cure, smoke what you can, donate to needy friends, and make the rest into edibles?


It’s a first grow and a first grow out doors, you didn’t loose your crop so that’s a success.

Your now armed with the knowledge of how hard it is to grow cannabis and produce nice buds, harder outdoors when in certain climates.
Investing in a greenhouse structure that you can cover or not cover depending on weather would be ideal. Starting them inside under a basic light for the first week maybe two would also be ideal.

When it comes to your buds, use this as a lesson to try and cure if you didn’t over dry them.

The smoke will be what it is, the best use of it would be to make an oil and then dose with that oil or edible but if your set on smoking then it is what it is.


Well it is certainly a situation I must deal with, thank you all for the follow ups. Growing outdoors is an on going learning experience as mother nature dictates the outcome and past years are moot.


Stick a little fire to it. You might get a delightful surprise. I agree with @Nicky you didn’t lose it to bugs rot or mold this was a successfulgrow The first time I grew it ended up looking like a deformed tomato plant with pistoles on the stems. Hope those little fluffy buds get you higher than :giraffe::basketball::basketball:


Thanks Twistedsquid for the encouragement

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:100: I have been growing outdoors a long ass time.

One year I lost an entire plant to white powdery mildew. :angry:

This year I spotted what looked like the same thing starting. With the help of the experience within this community, I found out I could treat it with peroxide/water treatment. :person_shrugging: Saved my plants !! I forget about Google, besides it’s way more fun learning here :grin:

Anyway, your stuff don’t look bad. Personally, I would go ahead and just cure it as it is and enjoy.

My go to saying…any Free Bud is better than no bud :wink:

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Yo freebud, I had to treat it with h2o2 and water also.Going to do final trim and jar up in a few minutes. I am so glad I took the time to visit this community as it has helped me through this grow.


the first plant I ever grew outside yielded less then a gram, mother nature can be cruel.


I think we have all been there lol.

If it wasn’t for humans playing God we sure wouldn’t have alot of stuff we have today like the crazy plants we grow.

My dad’s almost 80 and he’s shocked at the quality of bud I can grow.
Like it’s better than any hydro he got back in the 90’s and he’s an old hippy who’s a doctor now so he spares no expense and has lots of connections.


I believe the THC content is much higher than back in the day. But ask your dad if he has smelled or tasted anything as good as original SKunk ? :::: Sigh :::: or his preference of limited strains

I’m into, I dunno week 6-7 of flowering Super Skunk…nope, doesn’t smell like it at all to me.

Back in the day I’d get 20-30 yards going into the woods and I could smell them. Now their right outside the windows of my house and I barely smell them.

Is it just me? I dunno :person_shrugging: But did we give up a little on smell and taste for increased potency?

Back in the day…I would smoke a joint down to nothing because it taste so good. Today, got a buttload of roche’s in a can.

Maybe im just broken, I’m sure folks who read my posts are thinking…stop crying about the skunk…


I keep thinking…damn I hope this dude finds this skunk so I can follow👍


So I did ask my dad what strain he remembers and he said he’s smoked so much thst nothing overly wow’d him once his tolerance was decent.
He did mention Texada Timewarp as being just about as good as anything but he’s been a fan of my Lemon AK 47 from fast buds and he enjoys Tangie.
But I want to make sure he tries, amnesia haze, green crack, super lemon haze, and Maui wowie. He likes my Bruce banner but not his favorite it’s just good weed.
He’s looking for an energetic buzz sativa that’s what he always likes.
My Bruce banner was a good yielding version but not a true Bruce banner so I’m going to re grow one once I get rid of the 1.5lb I have laying around lol.

I remember being a kid and he had white rhino or white shark or something that was all the rage at one point.

Who is your skunk from? @Freebud who’s the breeder?
If it’s not sensi seeds then your growing the wrong one.

I want to grows some senis seeds skunk to be honest and get that skunk like your speaking of its just about 4 grows away lol