Very early budding I think?

I think my 1 month old outdoor plants are forming Buds, some with some without
A friend says I should place them (the budding ones) under lights 24/7 for a while to reverse this process, any info would be great.
BTW, the ones in the pots are forming buds


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are they autos or photo fem? if a photo fem,yea i myself use a 18 on 6 off regiment but you can get it back to veg i believe… i would get a bigger pot for the potted one…good luck and happy growing…
anything i can help with just ask…

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Either way I would 24 them to try to stop the process if your unsure

Thanks Bige.

They are seeds from an old grow so not sure of the exact strain, will replant & move into fluro 18/6

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If it is an auto, it is on auto pilot. You can’t change the veg/bloom/flower stage. You don’t want to stress out autos, they generally don’t live long enough to fully recover.

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With that being said, this is a White Widow Auto that is 13 weeks old, her sisters of the same age are getting chopped this weekend. This one will be hitting 20+ weeks from seed to finish.

The sisters-


WRONG time of year to plant outside…in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sunlight is signaling the end of summer—growing season and the plants are racing to complete their seeding before it’s winter.

Best to do: put under lights 18+ if possible 5+ hours of daylight would be a good thing, then bring indoors for the rest. Pain in the ass, but sun works wonders.

Think about starting a summer crop around april…depending on your latitude…then they will be up and growing good by the time it gets warm nuff to grow outdoors.
I have read posts stating big time growers start indoor grows 3 months ahead of warm weather.
That really puts them in a good position to have big bushy plants to go outdoors all summer.

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How big/tall were they when they showed signs of flowering?
Were they always outdoors?
Thanks Noobie

Maybe you could come visit & work on that tan

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Outdoor plants, start to finish. These plants were not trained or FIM/TOPPED and got to about 30". My last 15 autos haves started flowering about 30 days from sprout. Here is my grow journal-

This is a duel grow journal.