Taking them inside

I have white widow I purchased from u…they are a month into growing…there flowering…got a week maybe two left of warm sunshine in Cali…should I start prepping the plants to move indoors…they are in pots…?
It cheap grow room would be ok to finish it off…?

You need to have a decent light system. Going from Sun to indoors offers the challenge of providing enough light. And, Yes; I would acclimate them to the indoor space a little more each day until you put them inside for the duration.

Another question…the autobloom widow plant purchased from u…are they one cluster of buds…where the plant reaches maybe 3ft. High?.

Thank you…before I forget…thank you for standing behind ur word…will be purchasing more seeds…prolly in February for the start of growing next year…I’m an outside grower…thanks for the growing book too…you have my business…hands down…thanks …you taken the time and effort to address all questions and when u aren’t sure … U say so…rather than try to bullshit any one…thanks

I do not grow autos, but I believe that because they are smaller and finish much faster. I would assume that there would be a cluster of buds. If that is what you were asking.

Yes, no real training for autos for the most part. You just let them grow and you have for the most part one big central cola bud.

I also have a problem with one of my white widows. Its been flowering for first10 weeks outside with one5 hours of sunshine and it has small buds. About one ounce of buds. All hairs have turned red and all have turned back in were u can’t see them. Should I pull it or let it go longer. We have about two.weeks left of decadent weather left. Even though they have been flowering for first10 weeks I only beg for two weeks plus one week it took to see first white hair. Total of 13 weeks old. But like I said it has small but tight buds.

Sounds lime they are done. Make sure to dry correctly, and cure for a couple weeks to a month for better quality.

All the trichomes seem to be all milky. But like I said the, buds are the size of half a dollar and all the hairs have turned back in were u can’t see them. Should I harvest still or wait a few more days. This is the first time I have grown white widow. And I had some that smells like hay or cut grass. Thanks for the tips.

It sounds like it never really got enough sun or maybe not enough veg time, did you say it was an auto? Autos, out doors – when the sun has already dropped to around 12 hours or less, the plant won’t develop right, autos really do need nearly 24 hours of light a day, as that is what their ancestors (ruderalis) got in the arctic circle nearly 6 months out of the year. You can grow autos outdoors in the peak of summer for a short quick grow, starting them in mid/late spring when the majority of days during its life will be very very long, but in the fall/winter you won’t be able to get a lot out of them. The buds probably won’t get much bigger, you can give it more time if the environment allows but if the trichomes start turning more than just milky cloudy and you start to get a lot of amber you better cut them down, unless you like the zombie couch lock thing, lol.

No they are not auto, outdoor feminized white widow. They vegetated for two weeks and flowered for ten weeks. And got only 5 hours of sunshine. But like I said the all the red hairs have turned back in were u can’t see them. 95% of the hairs have turned back in. And small buds. I also noticed that riches are milky and some of the trichomes are bent over. By this info can u tell if they are ready. Thanks

Didn’t I already answer this above. They probably did not get enough intense sun or veg long enough to develop really big buds, and as far as the exact time when you harvest them, only you can say as by the types of signs that have been repeated over and over above. Sorry to I don’t know any other way to say mostly all milky with some amber and not too much amber trichomes.

I was also answering your question. You ask me if they are not aoutoflower and I said no.

That doesn’t change the reasons why the buds are so small. You know what has or has not been done, I guess I should say they do sound mostly ready but in the end it is you who are going to have to make the call by what you see. everything you are stating does seem to indicate the plants are pretty much done with the pistiles, everything kinda not growing, not swelling, not getting bigger and maybe even kinda shriveling up or bending over, everything that sounds like the plant is done moving forward.

Sorry about my spelling but I ment to say is they are not aoutoflower.

Not enough intense light could still be a contributor to scrawny buds, not a long enough veg time also potentially or nutrient or pH problems can all contribute to a scrawny plant. There could be numerous reasons it didn’t get as big as it could have.

Thanks so I guess I’ll flush put in 24 hours of dark then harvest. I mite get a half ounce at the end.

Cool :mrgreen:

I have just noticed something, since my plant has been back in house under lights for the past 3 or 4 days I have noticed that it has new white hairs here and there. I guess I’ll let it keep growing a few more days see whatphhappens. I want to harvest because it’s been flowering for over 10 weeks. And I don’t want to because it’s small buds. And the new hair growth. Can’t send pics. I would like to have your opinion. Based on what I just said. Thanks

I went ahead and harvested my white widow the one that has small buds.I dried out a bud in the oven to test it and it turned out to be pretty dam good. I just hope I don’t mess up the drying and curling part.If I do it rite this time I think I’ll have some grade A bud. I did mess a plant up by the drying and curling. Can not get high from it. I don’t know what went wrong. But I’ll let u know more on this one. Thanks

How big are the pots? If pots are too small, plant will become root bound and mature faster.