AutoFlower White Window indoors - when

I planted two white widow autos inside March 1 in a 3 Gal pot with scotts soil. Been growing indoors with great canna diluted fertilizer. One is about 4.5 ft tall, the other about 3 ft tall.
Both have tons of flowers, but they are about 2 inches high and about 1 inch in diameter. The leaf tips are just starting to turn slightly yellow. I quit the fertilizer about 2 weeks ago.
There are about 2 flowers per branch and they are about 3-5 inches apart.
Do these flowers come together or do the flowers grow from each flower pod?
How long do they typically take before I should harvest ?
Any help would be appreciated…

Can you post a few pictures
And maybe explain what type of equipment your using
Each grow is a little different and the gardeners techniques and equipment will determine how well the plant grows
In most case if you dont do any topping yiu will have one main cola
The wwa can take anywhere between 90 and 120 days to finish
Depending on amount of amber you have in tricombes


It looks like you might have taken to many sugar makers off when you lollipoped her and looks like you might have a few weeks befor you pull the nuits lot of hairs still white

Interesting - I did not trim except for 1 leaf lol

ps “nuit” ?

Nutrient = nuit lol

What kind of light you useing they look a little skinny if u only took one leaf off or it might be the way they grow I only grow photo never have grown a auto so I’m not sure on size for them

two small grow leds - they worked great for starting. The fertilizer is a dilute hydroponic fertilizer cana coco - works wonders with anything…

Led explaines a lot lol. I use to love them till they where killing my plants so I want with a CMh light system and I will never go back to led lol. Nothing bad about them they work but on my setup the led didnt produce a high enough yield for the money I spent on nuits and time spent with them scratching my head saying y are they so small lol.

Think these are ready to rock and roll yet?