Very confused about FF trio

I use Happy Frog soil.I filled a pot and tested the runoff.It was alitte over 2000.This is where the confusion starts.By week 2 there schedule recommends feeding between 1260 to 1470.Here’s my guestion.Im at 2000 now if i mix up the 1260 will it jack the ppm to 3260.Really need help with this

I grow in FFOF and have used FF trio. I know the run off values look high but I have never really worried about run off ppms unless I was seeing or anticipating a problem. FF soil tends to have high run off numbers due to the high nutrient concentration in the soil.

I feed using their schedule (mostly) but my plants grow under lights at 900+ uMoles light intensity. With less light you may need to reduce the amount that you feed. I generally feed every other watering and only water once per week early in the grow and water daily later in the grow.

You won’t need the bottles until your soil gets down to around 600ppm. Then just start at whatever week your on when that happens. Also beware of their schedule. Their ppms are on the 700 scale. If your meter is on the 500 scale you’ll be nuking your plants. This chart is adjusted for 500 scale meters


Keep in mind if you haven’t been watering to runoff for a while there could be salt buildup giving inaccurate readings. I always flush a gallon or two thru then check my readings when I start to feed. Been burned that way before.


I’m using a Apera pc60.Would u know what scale it is.I been looking no luck

I believe apera are on 500 scale. If you can test some tap water and record ppm then switch to EC and record that number and post it here, I can tell you for sure what scale it’s on

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Found it in the manual. It’s 500 scale

Thanks I emailed Apera instruments.They say it’s reads at 700 but can be changed to 500.So leave her at 700


Oh that’s cool. Didn’t realize they could switch between conversion factors.

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Thank you for ur time and info.

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this topic scares me. ive never looked at ppm just ph. i am on my first grow tho so its not like i rlly know what the heck im doing for sure but ive watched what feels like millions of hours of vids in the last 6 months since getting my medical card

Here is a general guide for ppm for each plant stage. Obviously each plant is different. Some will handle more, some less.

  • Seedlings: 100-250 (nutrients aren’t needed here, hence there’s not a lot of particles needed)

  • First Half of Vegging Cycle: 300-400 (this is usually after you transplant, which still doesn’t require many nutrients)

  • Second Half of Vegging: 450-700 (you’ll start giving your plants more nutrients at this stage)

  • First Half of Flowering: 750-950 (your plants will be eating more as they grow, so they’ll be taking in more nutrients)

  • Second Half of Flowering: 1000-1600 (this is when your plant’s eating the most, especially if you give it additives)

  • End of Flower, Entering Harvest: As close to 0 as possible (this is when you’ll be flushing your plants, so you don’t want there to be a lot of particles leftover)