"Vertical SCROG"

I really like the idea of SCROG and will try it on my next round. With my plants finishing up the Veg stage, I tried to emulate it as much as I could. I guess the idea is to create many growing/flowering tips and to keep them from blocking light from others below.

-see photos-
So… I encircled the pot (ha… get it? pot) with 8 rods. I then joined the side branches to the poles to: (1) bend and hold them horizontally; and (2) to move them laterally to not overlap other tips above or below them; (3) provide broader support (so branches don’t snap) when the tips become heavily laden with massive amounts of flower. Yes, I said massive… thinking positively.

For the longer branches, I plan to attach horizontal rods to the vertical poles to provide more support and training for the now horizontal branches.

This may be old hat for people here, but it might help other newbies like me…



I found out how to post photos, thanks…


Yup. That’s a good technique. Especially late bloom when they tend to foxtail.