Ventilation help!

I have 3 tents I’m trying to figure out how to get air from out side maybe through basement window but I’m not sure how and help would be greatly appreciated I’m not sure if I would need a filter or anything I would need

That’s what I’d do. Run a inline fan sucking cool air from outside. But where I’m at, I’d be pulling in 90+ degree air in

I have thought about this some, for when ever I can move my grow inside…

My only solution was the basement window. Replace a pain of the glass in the basement window with a board or something, and put a dryer type vent through board. Run ducting from vent to fan, and then from fan to tent/room. Same could be done with the exhaust…

If the house has air condition why would you not just pull the air from the inside. And exhaust warm stale air from inside a tent to the outside of the house. Might not be possible I know everybody’s situation is different. Good luck

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I used this set up for my exhaust but it could be used for intake if your looking for outside air. I Blocked off half a basement window with plywood. I put a gasket on the back side so it would seal it self after I screwed it to the window frame.


Basement window not a good idea. If you dont have money or hands on experience to save money, installing a 4 inch vent will be out of question. If you have hands on experience and are sure you won’t make an electrical short circuit and cause problems you can rig the fan off a garbage microwave to get a decent air flow outside given that your pipe is short and near your tent without many bends. Outside you’ll want to make sure the vent is screened off and silicone sealed to your siding dont want bugs. Cover all electrical contacts!!! Don’t do this if you have insufficient education and experience in construction! This vent will not be enough for anything more than 4 plants. You’ll need to always keep door of grow room open. These kings are really stinky and the smell never passes the next room.

Basement window if boarded will work, but you should keep in mind, any lack of sealing around could allow water to enter your basement from heavy rain if window is close to the ground. You’ll also need to screen off the ends of the vent because so many things could get in.

Make sure on the outside the vent faces downward outside no rain and debris goes in.