Need Suggestions for Exhausting Out Basement Window

I realized I could move my grow tent to a different part of the basement that has a window. I’m trying to figure out how to properly setup the window for exhaust. It’s a legal grow so stealth isn’t a concern. I figured I’d need some plywood, insulation, and caulk. I’m a decent DIYer, but I don’t have any experience with this kind of stuff.

One other question, would it be an issue to have two 6" holes, one for intake and one for exhaust on opposite ends. Wasn’t sure if the intake would be far enough away, so it wouldn’t suck the exhaust air back end.

I did this with drywall to vent to my attic. Drywall won’t work for you, but something should.

I’d get plywood and silicone, not caulk, and white paint. You could always run one hose left and one right outdoors from the plywood to get some more space between intake and exhaust if you think you need it.

The first thought I had about using exterior air for intake is heat and humidity. If your interior space is conditioned I would rather draw from that air. My basement window would also be covered w/ 2’ of snow in January.

Remove sliding window. Cut plywood(or a decorative material of your choice) to that size. Cut hole for vent. Atrach vent to plywood. Install plywood in window where slider was. Seal all edges, attach ductwork and booogie boogie boogie.

You want to exhaust not supply

I used this

and exhaust out the window easy

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I agree I’d use the plywood. I would buy an external clothes dryer vent, run it through the plywood and hook up your vent.

Filter the incoming air and screen the out so pest cant get in

After doing some more reading, decided to only setup an exhaust port on the window. Used 3/4" pressured treated plywood, 2" pink ridged foam board, a 6" dryer exhaust kit, some window screen to place over the vent, some screws, and silicone. Think it turned out pretty well.