Indoor Tent Setup Question

Just finished my first outdoor grow - had a blast…but also realized that I have sunlight issues during flowering that I didn’t have during veg (by about mid August the sun was coming up right behind a huge oak tree and I was only getting about 3 hours of direct sunlight a day…after getting about 8 in the early part of the summer). In any event, I’m a little addicted to growing now, but want to take things indoors. Need to be a little discreet with kids running around, but have a basement closet that should work for a smallish grow tent and a couple plants. But my question is this: is it ok if the exhaust and intake are also in the closet (i.e. a confined space to begin with)? Or do they need to run outdoors or into another larger room? Thanks all!

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I would exhaust outside of your space, whether that be another room or outside (would be best). Otherwise you’re recirculating the same stale, warm/hot air.


Basement will be a good choice for a grow space. I would try to vent exhaust outside. Maybe use a dryer vent to the outside .Even with a filter the odor can get a little noticeable in a confined space @BobbyDigital mentioned that will get rid of your hot stale air.


If I can vent the exhaust to the outside, do you think I could get away with the intake air just coming from within the closet space?


Unless the closet is air tight, you’ll be fine


Yes, you can have the intake air coming from within the closet. That’s better than venting in outside air in my opinion, because bugs could be vented in that way. Nobody likes spider mites.