Vegging first cannabis plant

Hi gang. Just wondering if anyone can give me advice on how long to veg a cannabis plant for. I realize it varies. Also when should I start Lst and topping thanks for the feedback.


Auto reg or fem? If an auto all I would do is lst. And I would start after the 4th or 5th node grows in. If it reg or fem then I would still wait until the 4th to 6th mode grows in then do my topping. If it’s a reg or fem you can veg as long as you want to indoors. If it’s an auto they kill dad do their own thi g most of the time. I’m sure someone will chime in and correct my noob advice bit that is what I got.


@CoyoteCody is right on.
Autos will do what they do. Lst works best, or like me I just tuck leaves to expose lower shoots and it works great.
Photo period will veg under 18/6 light schedule until you switch to 12/12. Expect them to double in height once you switch so consider how much room you can grow…and remember you have to have space between your light and top of plants…Canopy.