Auto question for ya?

Hello all and thanks for the kind words and letting me join. I have always grown feminized seeds, one plant at a time, and with LST (bending them everywhere) I usually fill up my 3x3 tent with NO room for anything else. I would like to try an auto simply because of the time frame. Normally it’s around 4 months for me with fem seeds. What can I expect with an auto with a little LST’n or do you even do that? I’ve never even seen an auto grow. Thanks for the knowledge!


An auto will pretty much do what its genetics are programmed for. It may start flowering at 3 weeks or 7 weeks. Topping is a risk if it starts to flower early then its going to be a small producer. LST and leaf tucking instead of defoliating works better.
You want to avoid anything that might stress and stall growth.
After soaking a seed I plant it in its final home. 3 gallon fabric pots are good for autos.
Give it the best environment you can every day and it should produce well. However you may get a genetic runt. You might get a giant, as I got one over 6 ft tall in the tent once.
Again, the key is to avoid any stressors.


Any cannabis plant, auto or photo, is usually capable of flowering at some point between 4 and 7 weeks. A photo can complete as fast as an auto if a 12/12 light cycle is introduced before the 4th week.


If you just trying to save time it’s not really much faster.
Sure sometimes one goes pretty quickly but most often its about the same as a photo period plant.

Both autoflowers and photo periods can be Feminized seeds.
I dont know why sites list them as Fems and Autos when most of the time the autoflowers are Feminized also.

It’s either photo or auto then can be regular seeds (male or female) or Feminized seeds (99% female)

But my only worry for you would be, if you count on filling the tent up to get as much as you can each harvest, autoflowers could disappoint you are there genetics do not always do what they are supposed to.
You can have one start flowering 3 weeks from seed and not be very big or any little thing go wrong with seedling stage you could end up with a 1oz or less harvest…

Don’t get me wrong, autos can get huge and some stains could be fairly stable.
But if I depended on my 3x3 stuffed each harvest, I wouldn’t.
If you could grow a autoflower as a 2nd grow and see what you thought about them.
They do not require 12hr of darkness and they dont care about light leaks so can be grown like a house plant if ya wanted to.


Yes, finally someone else understands this. I used to do sog’s in 1/2 gallon pots and induced flowering after about a week or so of veg

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