Veg after Flower

I’m a new grower and I have a question. After growing in a veg state for over a month I decided to cut my light back to 10 hours to force flowering to determine which plants were male and female. Can I go still back to veg grow at anytime and have normal growth and flower again later?

No. I mean; It is possible to do this, but there is no guarantee that you will not cause the plants to “hermie”.

Proper method is to take some cuttings, veg then for 2 weeks, then flower , in order to sex them. This shows you which are female.

Doing what you have done, I can advise you to take 2-3 cuttings from the females immediately after sexing, then finish those plants. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Can you explain “hermie”?

It means, basically; When in flower some flowers revert to male flowers.
This causes seed production due to pollen sacks exploding pollen all over female buds in the proximity of the male flowers, thus producing seeds in that area…To make long story short. ;D

Thanks, Appreciate all you help!

No worries! That what we are here for my friend. Peace :slight_smile:

Not recommended…Hermie is a hermaphrodite so showing male and feme flowers. You will end up with seeds and no bud.
You can slip a heavy black bag over a limb to force flowers, or take cuttings.