Im a first-grow noob! And I think Ive got a hermies!?

Hi all,

Loving this Forum and the wealth of info.

My first grow peeps - I have a small plant that is aprox week 2.5 into flowering - and my initial hopes of a female plant are starting to become threatened by what looks like little seed pods popping up. However the flowers still look female (?) … so Im thinking maybe my plant is turning Hermes?

But as this is my first grow - I don’t really have the experience to know for sure…

Any chance one of the experienced gurus here can help me identify from the pics below.

For further detail:

  • This was initially a space bucket grow (4 CPLs) but at start of flowering has now been moved into a bigger cabinet with 300W LED.
  • From a bag seed. (Here in Aus I don’t know how to get fem seeds without importing and attracting customs interest … any tips on this?)
  • I did struggle with fungus gnats and earwigs in the early stages of growth. Have these under control - but the plant did experience some stress early on.

If this is a Hermes – what’s the best steps – should I pull the seeds off and continue the grow?

Thanks in advance for the help guys and gals. Really appreciate it.

  • Jim

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Yeah those look like wieners to me.

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Dang! Thought so :frowning: OK … so Hermie do you think … or full blown male?

It would be a hermy. It has definite female flowers as well. As for being in Australia there’s a few growers from there that can maybe help with that. But @Ausgrow is the only one I can think of. Sorry but I’m sure he can think of others.


Ok bad news thc production stopped when seeds appear. This doesn’t mean your plants wont be a great smoke. However, the seeds produced are predisposed to be hermies. Its a fine line between hermie a plant & stressing her. A girl stressed out will produce fem seeds. However a hermie (too stressed) may also hermie seeds.


wrinkled leaves means too much of something…PH or Nutes.

It’s been ongoing for sometime and the poor plant cannot produce as it was intended.

Learn to read your leaves and get a PH n PPM meter set online = $20
Best $20 you will ever invest!

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Are those seed pods or male flowers can you pick one off and see what’s inside
Are they on all your plans or just that one
if it’s just that one and they are mail flowers you might as well cut your losses and get it out of there before it all pollenates your plants

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Ah ok. To be honest – I planted this one with no idea about nutes at the beginning. I used some dynamic lifter at the beginning. But the plant really struggled with an earwig and gnat infestation … would that cause leaf wrinkling like that?

I am using some THC Flowering A&B now … but those wrinkled leaves were like that before I started on this.

Getting a PH meter this afternoon. THANKS!!!

Opened up a pod and cut it in half with a scalpel - doesn’t seem to be much inside the pod … just sort of more green matter – so Im thinking male flower?

Its my only plant - so Im thinking I’ll just see it through to fruition and maybe pick these pods off whenever I see em?

post a pic in white light and we can tell you what’s up. a close up of the “pods” is helpful.

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I hope this helps you





If they look like this they are female calyxs