Vaporizers instead of a pipe

I am an old school smoker, burning weed in pipes and joints.

I assumed vaporizers were for some kind of specialty weed. I read a comment somewhere about dry herb vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking.

I did a little research. Convection types seem to be recommended over conduction types.

Can I just use the same weed I smoke in the pipe? Just grind up some bud and place it in a chamber?

I saw a good deal on a Kind Pen TruVa Mini 2.0 Handheld Vaporizer. Would I be able to use it to smoke my stash of weed?


Can I just use the same weed I smoke in the pipe? Just grind up some bud and place it in a chamber?

Yes, you can with a dry herb vaporizer.


Dry herb vapes are nice alternative to pipes. We have several. You want one with adjustable temps. I prefer infinite adjustability over the ones that give you a few locked in choices. There is some difference in the effect you will feel from a vape. They of course dont burn the weed at the same high temps. So the THC types you get is not the same as burning. So some strains I find I like better in a traditional pipe. Blue Dream to me is better burned than vaped. Others seem to do fine either way. My preferred temp is 410 degrees. I started out at 390 and found the effects were altered too much. Its probably healthier than burning too.


Recommend a brand? Interested in clean, easy smoke

This is the one we like best.

POTV XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

Priced at about 100 bucks. Magnetic mouthpiece so it doesn’t break like the snap on ones. Replaceable rechargeable battery if needed. Ours is over a year old and still on original battery. Wife uses it every day.
Auto turn off which for her is great as she will fall asleep in the middle of vaping sometimes.


Any thoughts on convection vs conduction?

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Never had a conduction. Only convection. So I cant compare.

I don’t have a lot of background to the topic as I’m still new to the whole marijuana world.
Saying that, the first time I purchased some I used a glass pipe and coughed and coughed and coughed. It wasn’t that enjoyable. And it hit like a freight train with nausea.
Within a few days I had a dry herb vape. I can’t remember the model but the brand is an Arizer. Completely changed the whole experience. Honestly I think it’s the only way I’d do it for here on out. And plus I use a whole lot less product, literally a tiny piece at a time. Helps your supply go so much further I’d think.

As far as prep, I just use a regular grinder and very lightly pack it in the glass vial chamber.

I think my next one might be a Pax 2 or 3 so I can use concentrates in it.

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Wow, 410?
That’s interesting as I hardly ever increase mine above 180° or so.

I can typically get three sessions out of a load. I usually run 355°, 367° and 375°. If I pack it tight I can sometimes get a decent 4th at around 380-385°. Anymore than that and it gets harsh, bitter and slightly smoky causing coughing fits.


Hi, I was an old skool smoker too. I tried a dry herb vape with some ground up Super Lemon Haze and for the first time in 20 years of smoking I could understand how people would say “It’s tasting like lemons and lavendar” or “this has a great floral flavor” cuz before that all I would taste was smoke. It is a different experience. And after all this time, it is the way I prefer to use my flower.
The dry herb vapes are the ones medical consultants will tell a patient to use for flower if that is their mode of choice, because the possible exposure to carcinogenic materials from combusted flower is almost non existent. For those who use an inhilation method, it is the healthiest way out of the options of smoking, oil-based vaping, or dry herb vaping.

And there is plenty of kick left in the vaped herb, it can be re-used to make edibles or tintcures if you collect enough.

I use a Pax 3 becasuse I collect a lot of kief and mix it into my herb for a better pain-free day. It can handle concentrates like @RandomW201 said above.


My previous post above was to say 380°, not 180°.
I just now caught that.

And there is nothing wrong about that. You have to make up your own mind about what you want to feel. Flat out smoking it in a joint or pipe can irritate your throat from the heat and intense concentration of smoke. That’s why bongs are popular because they dilute the smoke and let it cool off before inhaling. After learning how, you can smoke it straight and manage the cough pretty well.
Vaping allows you to control the temps and because of that you have some control of the effects. Here is a bit of copied info from another website.
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Low Temperature (325-350°F)

Heating your cannabis at a low temperature when you vape, smoke, or heat weed in an oven helps it keep its THC content balance, preserves terpene content, and results in a mild buzz. Cannabis heated at lower temperatures has a mild flavor, produces a lightweight high which can be perfect for newbie users, and decreases the chances of experiencing negative side effects such as headaches, cottonmouth, bloodshot eyes, anxiety, and others.

Medium Temperature (350-400°F)

Using a medium temperature when decarboxylating your cannabis gives a more intense experience compared to using a lower temperature, and results in users feeling more intensive psychoactive effects, but also more relaxed. A lot of medicinal cannabis users opt for this temperature as it relaxes you, but doesn’t make you drowsy and couch-locked.

High Temperature (400-430°F)

The maximum extraction of THC is enabled at higher temperatures which results in users experiencing more intense highs. As a result of a higher THC content, users may experience “couch-lock” effects and feel lethargic. For this reason, using cannabis which was heated to these temperatures is best done at night. :end:

So if you like the effects you get at lower temps then that’s great. I tend to want a bit more heady feeling and then the sedation to go to sleep. The Dry Herb Vape is great for adjusting to what you want. Different strains may need a little higher or lower temps to get what you want. Just experiment. My wife keeps notes for future reference.


Yeah, mine keeps mental notes of my smoking sometimes too. And she reminds me of the times when I smoked too much, usually when I want to go for another puff! With a condescending tone, I might add. :crazy_face:


I love my Pax. I use it for both flower and concentrate!


Kinda like cheating on your girlfriend. You know pipe taste better!


Any and all pros and cons would be greatfully appreciated. Lungs arent in the same shape as when they were new.

Its something worth considering, we have upgraded twice in two wks on glass bongs, his and hers so to speak. Nothing wrong with our other glass.

First harvest, great smoke, deserved new smoking device, right?


As someone who has been smoking and vaporizing weed for a long time, I can confidently say that the latter option offers far more benefits. First off, vaporizing weed doesn’t produce smoke, which means it is much easier on your lungs and throat than traditional smoking. Weed vaporizers also allow you to get the most out of your bud by preserving all of the medicinal properties of cannabis. This means that you get the full flavor profile and effects while minimizing any adverse side-effects associated with smoking. Additionally, vaporizers are more efficient as they only heat up what you need right away, meaning there’s very little wastage! And finally, another major benefit is that since there’s no smoke or smell released when using a vape, it’s much more discreet than smoking a joint in public spaces! All things considered, if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to consume marijuana without suffering from harsh smoke or strong smells, then investing in a good quality weed vaporizer is definitely the way to go. I personally just upgraded to the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer from Vapor . com, that thing will last me for 10 years. I wish I would have switched years earlier to be honest.


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Too good to be true? No brainer? Revolutionary?

My first dry herb vaporizer ( XVAPE XLUX Roffu Vaporizer) is in the mail. I like the idea of replaceable batteries and I think (edit: convection) is the way to go. This comes from someone who had no idea these things existed a couple of days ago who smoked his first joint in the late 60s. It comes as a kit with a grinder, a box and a few other things and was on sale for $139.

While researching the replaceable 18650 battery I found all? 18650 batteries recommend not for use in vaporizers. I did a little research and found there is a risk of explosion. I did a little more research before placing my order. It seems the risk is very low if used with proper care. You need a vaporizer from a reputable manufacturer and name brand batteries. So far that is the only downside I have found. I calmed my mind and placed the order.

Then I stumbled across table top/desk top vaporizers that don’t require a battery. The OG E-Nano from EpicVape is a desktop that runs on a power cord and does not use a battery for $200? At first look the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer in the above post by @CloudSurfer is one of those?

So I am already looking for my second dry herb vaporizer. I want one that runs off a standard wall outlet. I have no idea why I would need a portable vaporizer. I do all my smoking while at home.

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Please and thank you for all the feedback. We are in our 60s also.

@CloudSurfer welcome to the happy zone.