Vacation Preparation

Hey All,

I’m leaving my two plants for 7 days. They’re currently about 50 days into veg (I like to let them grow longer and reap a bigger harvest).

For water I’m using these Plant Nanny Watering Spikes. Two spikes per plant. Each spike paired to a 2 liter bottle.

I’m wondering, should I also dim the lights? I run them at approx: 40K lumens (as measured by android app on my not-so-smart phone). That’s will mean cooler temps, less evaporation, less growth (hopefully less water use). I DON’T want to trigger them into the flower stage.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

Get a plant sitter. TRUSTWORTHY plant sitter. Maybe come by night 2 and day 5


Yes plant sitter glad to see I’m not the only one lol I’m on vacation right now and my sitter sends me pics every night and she video chats me when the ph ppm and temp change so I can tell her what to do to fix so best is a trust worthy sitter. I grow RDWC


Unfortunately we don’t have anyone we want to share our “hobby” with. :dizzy_face:

With that setup im sure they need constant attention. I saw those babies explode day 5ish. Insane. Im at 15 days n ur girls were further then. Soil is just so noob friendly i had to do it. :joy:

That sucks @HappyCamper hmmm no one at all. Think hard. Gotta be someone worthy of a few grams

Make sure you test the plant spikes a few times before you leave. I just went on vacation. Couldn’t find a reliable plant sitter. Set up a timed irrigation system for the main tent, but left the plants in the little tent to fend for themselves. The result in the little tent wasn’t pretty

Lol @PurpNGold74 man it’s my fam that sits for me and it cost me a quarter lol that’s a quarter oz lol

I would lower your temp to low to slight mid 60s. This will slow growth down, it will keep water from evaporating, and also lower transpiration rate down.
I’m assuming you’re in soil. Before you go, let your soil dry out completely, then give them one big watering till the soil is completely saturated, and you’re getting good runoff the day you leave.


Fill two litres up with water and stick them upside down in soil and it’ll use it as soil drys

This really work? Talk about crude irrigation :joy::joy:

My DWC plants are drinking 1/3-1/2 gal or more each day," Auto’s@50 days" the 4 litters per plant may not last