Leave plants alone for a week

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m on my third grow I’m getting a little better with each grow, but I have a question. I’m going on vacation today and my grow will be done in a couple of days I’ll be gone for 7 days from today. Will they be good on 12 and 12 until I get back?

I did something similar before.

Left for a 4 day weekend, saturated the pots with water before I left and they were perfect 4 days later. This was in the middle of winter though and with a 250w hps so I think it would depend on your climate, heat, evaporation/transpiration rates, etc.

You could get a mini-water feature submersible pump, put it in a bucket of water and connect a timer to it so it waters your plants once per day.

Since they will be done in a few days, they probably would be okay, but I’m not 100%.

I do not see any question about watering the plkants; So, I assume that is not an issue.

To answer your question; As long as you keep them from drying out, you should be fine. Letting them bloom for an extra 4-5 days cannot hurt anything.