Using nutrients for the first time

Hello family, quick question using nutrients for the first time tmrw. Using fox farm nutes was wondering should i ph water before adding nutes or after. Or should i adjust ph to 6.5 before then adjust ph to 6.5 after adding nutrients.

Just adjust once. After you add all your nutrients. Take is easy with the fox farms stuff. It’s really potent. Big bloom is fine to go full strength because there’s not much in it but the others (grow big, tiger bloom) take it at 1/4 to 1/2 strength.

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Ok thanks. So if i add nutrients and lets say the water has ph of 6.4 without adjusting with ph down or up Should i just use it with out adjusting water.

Yeah, if after adding nutes and the ph is 6.4, no need to adjust.

Thanks bro really appreciate you.

Do pH after adding the Fox Farm nutrients. Id 6.4 after adding nutrients you are good. I try to keep mine around 6.5 pH and I use FF exclusively.

Thanks Peat u guys are awesome. Making my life a little easier with each reply to my questions.