Using marijuana Leafs

Is it true that you are able to use the marijuana leafs to make hashish or foodstuff ? Just read this online, from my understanding the Leafs were pretty much useless but if this turned out to be true let me know if anybody knows thank you

Sugar leafs, meaning the ones close to the mature buds.


The big fan leaves are relatively useless.

As AAA mentioned, just the sugar leaves, (closest to the buds and covered with trichomes and resin) are the ones to use.

If you look closely you’ll see where the “sugar” stops on the bud, and then the fan leaves which have none visible. The “sugar” is the good stuff. :+1:


Please google “How i got high for 10 hours on raw cannabis leaves.”
Your opinion about cannabis leaves being useless will change.
I caught my dog eating the leaves of the plant and about 20 minutes later could not walk properly and slept like a puppy.


@Wayne1 have you gotten high from leaves?

I make quite a bit of hash. Fan leaves do have trichomes on them, but it honestly isn’t enough to make it worthwhile. For me, if it’s not connected to flower, then it gets thrown out.

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Hey @Wayne1 welcome to the very best forum there is. Lots to read. Tons of helpful people here to help. BTW, my Great Dane took out 6 small starter plants and a bag of trimmed leaves i left in a bad place. After he puked all over my oriental rug…he also slept soundly for a number of hours.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::v::sunglasses:

Might wanna see if you can make a compassionate care donation to a patient living with cancer or HIV/AIDS instead of composting that. Depending on their situation and biochemistry, some of those people have a really expensive cannabis need, and they’re entirely out of pocket through dispensaries.


@KeystoneCops I’m not in a legal state.

Yeah, that’s rough. And perhaps all the more reason to look into it. In my experience, if you mention donating to an HIV support network, they’re nothing but appreciative.

But of course you need to be extremely careful. I get that.

I’m about to have more bud than I know what to do with since I’ve been treating growing like a hobby more than anything else. I’d be happy to give them flower if I could, but I’m not going to go there.

It may change in a few years.

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I’m helping a Cancer patient with access to my top shelf. She has a great reason to smoke. She has shown a lot of interest in CBD Strains. I can’t wait for my Peach Puree CBD is done.