Using ice/cold water during flower

Has anyone ever tired this method?. I heard it brings out color and smell.

I believe it’s more of a canopy temp that bring out colors. You’ll want to keep your soil above 65* or the plant will start to grow slowly. Some will ice a few days before harvest. I did ice bath the soil once, a few days before harvest, but all it did was constrict the buds and make them look a little smaller. Didn’t hurt anything but didn’t notice anything beneficial from it either.


From what I heard doing it days before harvest makes the plant go into overdrive to finish because it believes the cold weather is coming.

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Thats the idea. I do this. Ill add ice and 24 hrs later i do 48 hrs in dark then harvest.

Supposedly it caused the plant to go on defence and produce as much trichome and terps as possible in an effort to save itself.

I have no idea if it works! I also split stems just prior to 48 dark.

I know alot of stoners and they all say my bud is the fire, nothing else like it around.

I honestly just started doing those things and have no idea if they work or not. Buut im kinda supersticious creature of habit so…


I know Jorge Cervantes uses these kinds of techniques and is a long time grower and highly respected.

Im that guy always lookin for some majic potion ya know… im same way with hunting, fox piss on my boots, doe urine on my hat, salt blocks made with cocaine and acorns blessed by the pope etc… ill try anything. Havent sacrificed a chicken or a goat yet but i havent read an article in feild and stream or high time tellin me to. Lol🦧

The only way i got this to work is doing it for a month before harvest usually at 60% cloudy and clear trichomes
I spiked stalks north to south go up a inch or 2 and spiked east to west a ice baths on the soil every other day but it’s alot of work to do this and try and get the humidity down below 30% or trying it and keep up on the vpd chart helps to.

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What @ThcinKC said about vpd chart cant be over emphasized! Dont matter how many of these technique you use if your not in optimum on vpd it will probably not help, or at best be offset.

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