Ice baths, rain water and Snow?

So. I’m getting ready to harvest. I’m day 52 of 12/12. I want to introduce colder water to the root zone because nature does that too. I know ppl use the 48 hours of darkness and ice baths what I’m thinking of is putting some snow on top of my dry soil so it melts and waters my plants with cold ass water. What does anyone think about that ???

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What are you trying to accomplish? Personally I would do a flush with Florakleen and monitor the runoff. Continue with distilled or R/O water until the TDS drops below 250 ppm then into darkness. Finally; strongly recommend a bud wash to remove any potential hidden White Powdery Mildew or WPM.


During harvest time I’ve read ppl pack ice on top of the soil to make the plant think winter is here and produce more thc and resin.

So what thinking is wouldn’t packing a little snow on top of the soil do same thing and maybe work better. Or could be worse with all toxins In the natural rain waiter idk that’s why I’m posting to get others perspective on the idea.

I’m trying to produce more resin and trichomes

I’m watering. Ph6 water. 6ml gallon of slf100 for last week now. Cold water no ice. Will start ice in water tomorrow

This plant here on top has powder mildew all in it so that’s why it is out there. It messed up and I can’t be having that. That’s why will happen to any plant that messes up. Lol. Serious tho it started to look better outside but then it snowed. It’s outdo now. What’s depicted in the picture above is not what I had in mind either but it was funny. I was thinking like to merely pack a few inches of snow I top of my soil and let it melt down.

I haven’t seen any real data on Ice baths increasing trichomes but there is on reduced humidity. This is the direction I’ve gone.


It may help. It should definitely help show some colors come out with the temperature swings. Just don’t put snow on the buds themselves. The cold will freeze the tricomes off

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