Using HLG 260W Full Spectrum Grow Light

Hey all,

I began a grow in a 3’x3’ grow tent, using HLG 260W Full Spectrum grow light. At first I had the seedlings about 40 inches away from the light at the lowest setting (135W). After about 4 days over stretching was becoming visible. I brought them much closer to the light but after about a week total growing, one looks ok but has stopped growing and the other has completely wilted.

I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m using promix HP, I watered the medium about 2 days before to let them dry, punched a bunch of holes at the bottom and side of solo cup and did not water at all after this. I’m going to start over with new seeds as I think these are too far gone. Can anyone with experience using these lights give me an idea of what distance/intensity to use at what stages?

The fixture should be dimmed all the way down for seedlings.

Bit of a sad sight

Are there holes in the bottom of the cup? Might be over watered.

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I used a knife to cover the sides and bottom with holes, drained quite well when I soaked the medium 2 days before.I didn’t add any water after this, just spraying a plastic dome twice, 2x per day. 24 hours light schedule.

Is the temp ok? it lingers between 24.3 and 26.4 degrees C.

If I’m not mistaken the plant at that stage doesn’t have enough root yet to water. I use a dome style and mist the dome. The seedling gets all the water it needs and humidity as well.

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That’s what I’ve been doing, I just made the medium damp 2 days before and let it dry, the top was slightly damp when I planted the germinated seeds.

The over stretching is definitely to do with the light, so I want to at least get that part down.

Anyone has any experience with this light? What intensity and distance should it be now to help them recover?

I have the same light. I turned it all the way down for seedling and veg. Started bumping it up in the last 2 weeks before flip. At flip turned it all the rest of the way. Kept it about 20 inches away most of the time.

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That’s good to know, I’ll try this out for now and see if they start to recover.

What kind of temps did you have during seedling? did you have it on 24/7?

I do 18/6 until flip than go 12/12. My temps run with lights on about 84/86 through most of the day peaking late afternoon to 91. Evenings stay around 85ish. Ph stays around 45/50%.

18/6 even in seedling? I’ll try that then, lowering light to lowest until transplant.

Temps for me are much lower than this, could that be why they aren’t doing well? It lingers around 75 farenheit consistently throughout the day. When I switch from a 24 hour to 18/6 now I imagine it will drop during the 6 hours.

Wish I had those temps. But they are capable of growing fantastic buds at these temps as well.



Ok, I’ll try these conditions and hope they bounce back. Do you think the over stretching is bad in this case?

How many times did you pinch that plant?

It will make it taller. If by pinch you mean top, I topped her once and just spread her out as best I could.

Yeah exactly, how did it get so big from one topping?

I’ve got many questions since you use my same light. Would be cool if I could check in with you during my grow if you’re ok with that.

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I had a little stretch as well. Just lower the light a bit and watch her.

Alright so now plant is 20 inches from light

Light is at lowest level

Humidity around 80%

Temp is dropping now that it’s further from light, seems the light was adding much more heat so it’s lingering around 72 now.

Search “LST” and read all you can. Takes a little practice but isnt that hard to achieve a plant full of colas.

If needed support the stalk with a toothpick of stick and tie the stalk loosely to the stick for support. Also do you have a 6" fan in the tent for air flow? Of so blow it towards the plant ( not directly on it) the movement of the plant in the breeze will strengthen the stalk.