Using HLG 260W Full Spectrum Grow Light

I do have a fun, but the plants are in the dome right now but I cantry to position it in a way that some air gets in.

The ventilation system is also on.

I’m familiar with LST, is that something I would do now or once it’s larger and transplanted to 20L/5G pots?

No, wait till she grows enough to ware the leaves start to reach the dome (if your using a solo cup.) That’s when you remove the dome. Until then just use a stick support. They will be fine. You are correct on the up potting nu you have a week or more for that. Also think about fabric pots 5to 7 gal. For transplant when ready.

Yes! I already have 5 galllon fabric pots ready for that if they survive.

One thing I realized is I didn’t put enough medium for the roots, the solo cups were about half full but I topped them up a bit more to give the roots more room to grow as you saw in the pic.

That’s a good idea as the dirt will help support a little.

I did it by prepping a new solo cup, put the slightly damp soil in and then carefully cut the bottom of the original and let me gently slide in. The smaller one got a bit roughed up so keeping an eye on it.


Just an update, either one or the combination of those things seemed to do the trick.

The one that was drooping has begun to recover, still a ways to go but seems to be doing better.

The other one which was arrested has started to grow again.

Thanks for the infos! Will check back in and show you the progress in a few days.

Was curious regarding your watering schedule. How much water do you add each time and on average how long does it take until your next watering when using 5G pots?

I water when she needs it, I lift pot and gadge weight. If light I water, roughly every3/4 days. As far a amount I start with 2 gallons and water in 1 gal than wait 10 min or so and put in enough for runoff. Usually she takes the 2gal less a few ozs.

Awesome, thanks.

Another question. This is where they’re at today. Both stopped growing for a time and are now recovering. I’ll leave them in the solo cups till they get to the right size.

My original plan was to start adding nutrients post transfer. Do you think I should start that in the solo cups given the 4 day delay on both?

It’s a bit early to start feeding.

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Left one will have been in solo cup 14 days starting tomorrow. Right one has been 9 days now**

I guess in my mind I’m wondering if the energy in the seeds is depleted now since it was stunted in growth.

Correction, you can feed lightly, didn’t know you were in promix. My bad.

So the nutrients I got suggested 1ml / L at start of veg. I read for seedlings to use 1/4 strength. Does that make sense?

Hey guys,

wanted your feedback again. They have recovered and I’ve been feeding nutes in small doses but they are not growing as fast as expected.

Should I strengthen the light? Transplant at this stage into larger pot?


They’re stretching a bit, how far above is the light. They prob dont have enough root grouth yet for transplanting.

They haven’t stretched that much more than before, about 18 inches from light, light is at lowest setting.

Ya just a little stretch can easily take care of either prop them up if they lean of just plant an inch or so deeper at should be fine there to about 24 inches. Just watch them and they will let you know.

What about the lack of growth?

The one on the left in the image has been in the cup longer than it should and the one on the right will have been in there 14 days tomorrow. Worried about them becoming root bound. Would you transplant at this stage ?

No worries on root bound from the size they are. Very little root at all at this stage. That’s why it may look slow as it is making root right now not leaves. Let them grow a bit, they should be fine…