Using air stones

Im using my tap water and i was going to use air stones ro get ride of the chlorine in the water will this work or should i go to store and buy 5 gallon jugs of RO water. Im a new grower and trying to get it right the first time


Yes this will 100% work just put the airstones in the day before you want to use and alow it to bubble for 24hr this will dissipate all the chlorine but will not dissipate any Chloramine you need a RO unit for that

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So will that effect my plant growth and health

The Chloramine will it effect my plant growth and health if so how do i get that out of the water. Im an organic grower so i dont want to use any chemicals

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@BigGrizz youll be fine if you air it for 24 hours. I have a 40 gallon container i air constantly and use. Im organic also.

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Ok perfect thanks do you use soil

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@BigGrizz yes, i use Coast of Maine Stongington Blend


Yes it will heavily affect your plants cheapest route imo to removing chloramines is a Boogie Blue Plus filter they are amazon hools rite up to a garden hose for around 55-60 bucks i believe i also am a organic grower and am on well water i use a RO system off Amazon(60 bucks) and it strips the water down to about 20ppm it also remove ls chlorine and chloramines


Thats what im going to use how do you like it…

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@LiesGrows how do you like that soil and with auto’s is ok to start direct seed in the coast of maine

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I personally used fox farms happy frog soil and transformed it into a living soil and just re use it all the time ive heard alot of realy good things about Coast of Main Stonington Blend for cannabis cultivators tho but personally have never used it myself

I did alot of research before i ended up choosing stonington blend. It was going to be between Coast of Maine, Sohum, or Indicaja. I havent used anything else since i started growing. I have a bag of FF that i bought in a crunch and ended up throwing it in a flower bed with a bag of cow manure last fall under my mailbox and my bulbs are loving it. I use Coast of Maine seedling starter for my newborns and then transplant into their final home in 5 gal fabric pots. I do add some vermiculite and a little more perlite because my first grow i vegged some photos for about 5 months when i would water the soil was real compact. Great yield, just a brick for soil. I do use their dry amendments and follow their feeding schedule. I do add cal mag every 3rd water. Heres a few grows. Just to add. It IS safe to plant directly into Coast of Maine.

This is Banana Kush Auto from ILGM ( i no longer grow autos)

Here is a G13 Auto from ILGM

Sunset Sherbert Photo ILGM

Gelato Photo ILGM

Newest Babies:
3 Grandaddy Purps ILGM Photo
2 Durban Poison ILGM Photo
1 ZSkittlez ILGM Photo

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