Using aerogarden to get seeds going

From a fellow grower: Can I use an Aerogarden hydroponic herb grower with the already made seed pods to get them going? The light moves to two feet high, is this high enough? Will I have to move them to a higher grow light later?

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You won’t be able to take a plant to maturity in it. It’s just too small.

Don’t know what this is. Are you referring to peat pots?

Depends on the light you are using. What is the make and model of the light you intend to use?


You can start seeds in aerogarden, but I’m not really sure why you would if not intending on growing them out in aerogarden. Trying to grow start to finish in the aerogarden will be frustrating for most new growers.


I use the Farm XL’s for lettuce and mini tomatoes…perfect for that. Completely insufficient for bud. Now for starting seeds, sure…but way easier and safer to go the KISS method and get a germ’d taproot on a papertowel and then into its final medium. I say this as a bit of a hypocrite, as I am using an old small 6 pod one now as a rooter/cloner to get some roots on 2 cuttings.

**Yes, I could grow bud in it…it would just be wasted effort, thats just the honest simple truth.

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Just thought i wouls show you what you can get using an Aerogarden. I germinated in a paper towel then moved it into an aerogarden sponge i had sliced sideways. It grew on just the aerogarden nutrients along side basil for about 3 weeks until i moved it into a hydropod bucket today. So no, i wouldnt want to grow to maturity in an aerogarden. But i am able to transplant sturdy small plants that have nice root systems. I trim the lower fan leaves off anf am left with the aerogarden sponge and holder that sticks nicely into clay pellets.

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