Moving seedlings from Aerogarden to soil

From a fellow grower: I have four plants; 3 x White Widow {germinated 10/29/21} and 1 x Sour Deisel Auto {germinated 10/31/21} growing very well in Aerogarden hydroponic systems. As you can see from the attached photos, the plant’s height has reached the maximum height available of the light source. The roots of each plant are very intertwined in the base of the system. How do I move the plants to a soil pot without killing or damaging the plant?


U will have be careful when sorting out the roots i would say u will have break some roots if its that tangled but it shouldnt have to much affect on the plants good luck with it

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Take off lid to autopot

Pull each root system apart from the pods inside the system with force and gravity to help

Transfer immediately

I use this system quite often and it’s a fantastic seed starter


I agree with pharmerBob you may stunt it some, but she’ll recover. Just be gentle with the roots when adding soil. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I’m using a AeroGarder as seed starter with my grow but I potted my mine. I transferred some herbs years ago. It involved cutting apart the plug cradle. Pulling the plants through, when I encountered tangled roots I cut in the middle to separate. Then cut most root ends and remove any knots and planted them in soil and watered to run off. I would have followed the same basic process if I was going to a larger aero\hydro setup.

It was by no means a “gentle” process. Those plants didn’t miss a beat. I don’t have firsthand experience doing this with marijuana. I suspect marijuana would have responded the same way, but that’s just a hunch.

What I did take away from that is don’t cross that bridge. You could use their seedling starter solution or copy it transplanting before it’s an issue or just start the seeds in soil and ditch the watering feature. The AeroGarden controller is nice and the LED panels are great for seedlings.

Good luck with your extraction.

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Could original be removed and another light be “installed” somehow at a greater height? The thought of transitioning from hydro to soil with fully formed rootmass gives me the willies. :worried: :woozy_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

The aero garden only has a 1/2 gal reservoir it would need to be refilled daily for 1 plant I shudder to think about how much refilling several would need.