Usin' Tappin' Roots

I went out and bought a Smart Pot the other day and it came with a sample bag of Tappin’ Roots Dynamic Soil Amender.

Has anyone experimented with this type of fertilizer?? I’ve never used this before.

Never seen nor heard of this, sorry I can’t help out!



I’m with @ktreez420 but I don’t think it would hurt to try it out
Maybe in just one plant so you can compare it results to a second plant ?


Ok, I’m gonna give this stuff a shot and see what happenes.

It comes out in a very fine powder. If you use this stuff, you might want to be outside lol.

It says to top feed by sprinkling around the top soil so, that’s what I did. It was time for a watering anyways.

I’ll post again on here next week and let you know how it’s going.

Thanks will be looking for the update
So it looks like you just put he whole sample pack on top of you pot ?

Evidently that’s how this stuff works.

You sprinkle the contents around the base of the plant and water it down in to the soil. I wouldn’t saturate the soil with it, just enough to get it down to the roots. Wouldn’t want this stuff running off by watering too much.

This stuff has a ton of goodies in it. Package reads a 2-3-2 but has traces of calcium, sulfur and iron as well.

Bunch of other stuff too. I’ll include another pic with this post.

From what I’m reading, this is excellent for your plant

!! I’ll post again after it’s had some time to sink in.

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Mostly this is used with coco in fabric pots. Works great. But with coco drip system not so good. Hand feed yes.


Hey guys,

Just doing a recap, I used the Tappin’ Roots a week ago and it seems to be working out fairly well!!

The taller plant is the one I used the top feed on.

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Looking good @LV2GRW

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Hey guys,

It’s been about a month since I last posted on here and, long story short, I’ve been forced back to indoor grow due to the landlord randomly showing up for the yard.

I built this grow tent from scratch and had shitty lighting so I made a few upgrades.

Let me know what you think. My door is always open to suggestions and ideas.

Thanks and happy growing!!

P.S. These are before and after pics.

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