Uses of CO2 in a small space

Ok so I started using Co2 in my grows 12 grams per day the girls seem to like it just not sure how much I should use a day I’m using bb gun CO2 cartridges any help I can get would be grateful for

With out knowing any farther details, any co2 is helpful however, the the co2 treatment is only effective if you have enough light to go with it. Hope this helps @Precious


To add to what @Covertgrower is saying, it’s only useful if it’s held in the grow as well.

There are very few grows that require or benefit ANY from additional co2 being supplied. Saying it can’t hurt isn’t true, it hurts your wallet lol.

If you post up the specs of your grow a few of us would be happy to take a look. But if you’re not maintaining temps in a sealed room and at 1000 umols ppfd, it’s probably not helping anything. The only other reason to add co2 is if you’re restricted on supplying fresh air to your grow.

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Agreed! @dbrn32

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I understand the light have 1500w LEDs in 4x4 space

Is it from amazon? Which make model? Also, do you have exhaust fan running?

If your are gonna do co2 use a tank and regulator there is also a mathematical equation to figure how much co2 is needed
I am helping my buddy set up his today I loaned him my co2 tank that I used in my Jeep for on board air.
Like @dbrn32 said it will get expensive and It can be hard to tell if it is really going to be beneficial or not.
Also BE CAREFUL inert gases like co2 displace oxygen and can be dangerous
Not likely to happen with the cartridges but please do your research and take every precaution to make sure to do it safely and eficiently.
Hope this helps happy growing🙂

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I have two Amazon/Chinese 1500w lights in one 4x4 tent. I don’t augment CO2 and haven’t seen anything that indicates I should, especially on my current grow:

What I do have is a strong intake fan and extraction fan cycling a lot of air through that tent.