Unknown strain grow journal

Hows it everyone! So this is my second attempt at a grow this year. My last grow was a 1st try at DWC, that failed when my reservoir grew some kind of slime after I introduced my first batch of nutes. Anyways, this time around is going much better and I went back to good o’l soil.

Strain:Unknown due to the seed company not labeling my order of Fem seeds. It is definitely an indica though.

Started in Jiffy Peat pellet and left to germinate in a covered bowl on top of my cable box. 24 hours later

the shell got stuck so I helped her by using a tweezer and gently removed the shell and membrane. Under 26 watt CFL it looked like this at the end of the day

Day 4 Under 26 watt CFL 24 hours

Day 7 Soil is a Local product made up of Organic soil mixed with perlite. No Nutrients in the soil

Day 9 Replanted in a 2 Gal pot. Started under 2-26 watt CFLs 18/6 cycle

Day 12- she started to look strong and healthy so I switched on the Big Boy Lights. 400watt MH with Vented hood connected to 4" `190 cfm inline fan.

Day 15- She had 4 nodes and a 5th on the way so I started her on some 1/4 strength nutes. 0.13-0-.60 and also added some VooDoo juice to help build some nice roots.

Day 19- 6 sets of nodes and a 7th set on the way. She had minor nute burn so I fed just pH’d water 6.3 for two days.

that night I cleaned her up and got her ready for some Mainlining

Day 20- The two new main stems grew out enough that I could tie them down. Also, I moved her into a 5-Gal bucket. When I moved her I noticed a whole bunch of little red ants started making their way in and around my plant. I googled some non chemical remedies and one was ground cinnamon. For whatever reason ants don’t like it. So thats what the light brown stuff is on my soil.

Day 21- 6/2/15 I accidentally split one of the main stalks a little bit when I adjusted the garden wire. She seems to be doing ok though because the heads of the two new mains pointed up. Also no more little ants. I dunno if they died or ran away, but cinnamon for the win! and it smells nice in my grow closet.


Any feedback, constructive criticism or advice is welcomed. This is only my 3rd grow, and first time trying mainlining. So far its going well. She seems to grow a new node every other day, so at that pace I should be done mainlining in about a week from today. Im going to top it two more times for a total of 8 colas. However, I may choose to top it twice at four colas because my grow space is only 3.5’ tall and with the bucket and plant in there, I’m already at about 18"

Day 23, My plant had grown 3 new nodes on each side and was sprouting a fourth. Topped for a second time today and will let it grow out a little before I top it for a 3rd and final time. This should give me the 8 cola finish I will try to obtain. Will probably do that in two to three days. Then its veg for a little bit then flip the switch to 12/12!

Overall the mainlining is working well. Its a lot harder to bend the stems than I had anticipated. Being that this is my first time, I am so hesitant to put pressure as I split one side already. It has since recovered and healed up nicely. As you can see the plant looks healthy and lush.

This is so cool! :wink: This is the perfect example of wait until the plant develops before panicking!

Nice journal. Thanks.

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Day 26- 6/7/15 tied down the four new mains and accidently split the stem again! This time it nearly split in half, so I quickly wrapped it with Teflon tape. Hopefully she recovers, but I think this time the plant may have a hard time healing. We shall see. Other wise it’ll be a 6 headed beast instead of 8 :frowning:

My plant is doing good again after the broken stem issue. There are 4 main stems and each have two nodes. I’ll give it two more days before I go ahead and top it for the 3rd and final time, giving me a a total of 8 main stems. Thanks for looking!

Day 29- my plant has 4 mains that are well established, even after the minor set back due to me breaking a stem. However, one of the new baby growths is noticibly stunted.

I split my stalk like 7 weeks ago , duck tape it , and made it real tight , and she did just fine . I have maybe 3-4 weeks left on my main line , 8 main colas in total , one came out shorter than most , so I decided to cut it and try to get a jump on the curing , so I don’t screw up , because I stressed this plant majorly in the beginning . Might have a few photos in my thread …having issues like most beginners .

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Day 31- 6/12/15 before and after I topped my plant for the 3rd and final time. It’s still got one gimpy main due to me breaking the stem last week. But hopefully it will catch up a little during this final veg period.

That will be your smallest one , experiment with that one for harvesting , it would be a good window of when , what , and how good it will turn out for maturity .

Day 32- the mains all popped back up like a champ. Still got that one gimpy main, it’s looking a lil slow. This will be a 7 headed monster I guess. Thanks for looking!

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Day 35- just waiting for this thing to stretch a little bit more. Getting anxious to put into flower. I hope my carbon filter is up to the challenge. Don’t want any smells leaking to my neighbors.

Nice , but before you flower it , I would trim the very bottom small leaves and veg it to initiate newer growth , and than make the switch .

It got a hair cut right after I took that picture. And I’m still going to veg it for another 6-7 days or so. The tomato ring I am using is still out of reach for my plant to be tied up. But thanks for the advice. How tall did your main lined plant get, and what was the end dry weight?

Height it reach 16-1/2 inches , I cut the very smallest last week , weight was 14.7g , than I cut two more colas , least smallest to bigger , and the two weight was 30.6g . I still have 5 colas left on the plant to finish in 3 more weeks . I have 3 of the 5 colas has swollen massively since the cutting of the 2 to learn the curing process . When I removed the two least smallest , they were about 2 inches in girth , now the 5 have swollen to a mere 3-1/2 inches now , made a very small measured of Simpson oil for my reasonings , and have no idea of what the quality is as of right now , do to I don’t smoke and have no one as of yet to award the plants potency . In time I’ll let you know , but seemingly the energy and resin production is still putting on , and the colas are growing even bigger now that it’s only 5 instead of 8 ?

I have an O.G.Kush plant mained with 4 colas , and it’s showing phenomenal results . IlGM nutrients booster is definitely putting on mass , trichomes , and resin big time , it’s only 9 inches tall and the buds is already 2 inches in flower as of the seventh week Thursday . It still has 3-5 weeks to go , would hope to lower lights after the bigger plant finishes , to really help pack on more weight and light penetration .

That’s about the height I was looking for as well. I only have about 36" of grow space and the bucket already took about 18" of that in height alone. So my plant is going to have to stay bushy and short or it will definitely hit the light and burn. Right now it’s probably around 8-10" in height. Very interesting to hear how others grow. Thanks for the insight and info. I’ll keep updating as long as people keep visiting my thread.

If I ever try this again I would try to mainline the plant a little more horizontal. I was very hesitant becuase I didn’t want to break the stems. But I realize now that they can take a light abuse and still bounce back.

Did you see mines , but I kept my lights in the sweet spot , which is for veg blue spectrum only on Advance LED lights was about 16-18 inches above the canopy , once I made the switch , I raised every 2-4 days , either an inch or two depending on the plants response , now at 26 inches full spectrum of red and blue lights . But to keep it short you’ll have to find the sweet spot , as the plant reacts to the lights you providing . This is my first time and I used LED lights .

this the plant as you can see I also had to tape it up , but it did fine.