Unidentified Fungus Messing Up My Plants

My plants are in their last three weeks of flowering but i see a fungus starting up in the last few weeks - it turns the bud brown and then into, literally, like a fuzz that disintegrates on touching.

Here are a couple of pics.

The plants are in a grow tent and I was watering them every two of three days but have decreased it to every four days as they seem to hold their moisture.

I’ve been clipping infected buds off the plants and it seems like i’m losing two or three nice buds a day.

Any help (again) would be appreciated.

Looks like bud rot that’s not good detrimental to a grow… what’s the humidity like

It’s important to maintain good air flow in the canopy and lower humidity in flowering chamber to ensure bud rot doesn’t show up and if your outdoor that’s a whole other ball game to me wait for others opinions

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Looks like bud rot 100%

I am currently dealing with this on an outdoor plant. Thought I was in the clear for the last 2 days then I found 3 small spots this afternoon and cut it out. It is said that you can use an h2o2 foliar spray to try to combat it, but many also say that once it shows up it never really goes away…

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thanks for the tip

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thanks - thanks for the tip - i’m going to put in a fan for ventilation

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