Tying Branches Back

When should a guy start tying branches back? Plants are now 6 weeks old (Come this Saturday) and 15" tall even though I pinched the main tops almost 2 weeks ago! (Just now seeing new growth!) I’m seeing about 10 - 12 + tops per plant and this is before the other branches grow out from the pinch points! I’m guessing by the time it’s all done I should have minimum 30 buds per plant!!! From what I’m seeing it looks like it’s gonna be a bumper crop!!! A guy can only hope!!!

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Also, do I tie back the fan leaves or the branch’s that r going to have buds on them???

Tie everything level so plant thinks it doesn’t have a top it will make new top LST is a good training method I used scrog on one of my girls she is in flush now

Remember tie down little at a time over days not hours better to start early before steams get hard to work with but it can still be done if done with care
Happy growing

Well …I said the hell with tying the branches back! I come up with a better system! Very simple and works great!!! Sitt’in in the garage get’in all stoned up and it just hit me…why not use a weight system? With these you can add or reduce weight as needed to keep the branches where you want them! (Pic) So far so good! This is my 1st grow so I’m not try’in ta break any records. Plus I’m just experimenting!!! Sure I want to get as much yield as possible but I guess I’ll take what it gives me huh?! It looks like flowering is about 2 weeks away (Seed to flower in 8 weeks!!!) Not bad! Well…gotta go kech a bzzzzzzzzzzz!! See ya all and happy grow’in!!!

Decided to veg for 10 wks instead of 8wks. This Saturday I’m switching my lights to 12/12. Now I figger about another 8-9 weeks and it will be time to harvest!!! Can’t wait!!!