Tie down flowering marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

Can u tie the branches down on a white widow plant when its in its 4 week of flowering. Or would it be better to just let it grow on naturaly. I got one that has been tide down ever cents the last 2 weeks of veg. And its now in its 2nt week of flower. But my main concern is the first one.

yes you can…usally you start when plant at third node top it and then tie and train it …like you said you did with your other plant.during veg…just make sure you do it after a good watering …water and wait for a few hours ,the branches will be less brittle and easier to work with…4 th week flower is little late but you’ll be fine.during veg is the best way to go…i have done it so the lower buds get more light and grow little bigger…

Sorry but my phone has not been acting rite, bur anyway i never botherd with tieing the secont plant down. I see now why the main bud is so big becouse all the branches grow so close to the main stim and they all just start growing into the main bud and swells from there on.

That was white widow i talking about.