Two different grows hps and led with autos

I am currently growing gorilla glue autos. Now to get things straight I have a full 1500 sq basement. 1 I have a 3 by 3 grow tent with maxxisun mk 2000 led and off to the side I have a 400 watt HPS lamp that is hanging off floor joist in corner that reads 73 degrees at night at 30 inches humid is 56 so I’m wondering which two plants is going to yield the most. Will send pics as soon as germination is complete


Just a 1 minute glance at the info on the led I would probably put my money on the led… but I must add I wouldn’t put alot of money on it :laughing::joy:


My money is on the led light


Same soil, same temps? Probably the tent but not from the led, the mylar film.

The one openly growing under a light in the basement will get no help from the tent film.

Can u lower ur light to hit 76 degrees?

Absolutely I can get 76 degrees

I am just having a hard time this round growing guys and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it’s aggravating.

What’s wrong @chad11709 what kind of issues are you really having.

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Sorry guys have been extremely busy I mean busy working slot of overtime but I thought I would share my gorilla glue autos and 1 white widow just switched lights from 2000watt led and 600 led to 400 hpsIMG_20211119_160623838_HDR