Two Autos One Photo

Soooo im back with anouther 3 girls, iv been away for a good old while but im hoping to be back within my cannabis communtity more often now lifes calmed down abit :ok_hand:

This will be my 3rd grow, first for autos and i fear i may have messed up amnesias life cycle :see_no_evil: ya live and learn i guess, white widow auto seems to be on the right path and cookies kush is just coming along beautifully (in my opinion) i have topped her and shes bounced straight back…
These are the only pics i have so far (i know shock horror) hannahs been slack in these things as of late! Im getting back to it tho :ok_hand: so without furthur adue i bring you the girls…


They look nice! Whats the concerned with the amnesia?

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Thank you very much, well she seems ever so teenie and is flowering already compared to the WWA which is slightly taller and non flowering yet…im worried i transplanted her from her solo cup too late and stunted her growth :see_no_evil:

@fano_man @PurpNGold74 @Mr.Indica @Willd @DoobieNoobie

Just a quick tag for those who iv remembered, im sorry if i have forgotten anyone, which i know i have :see_no_evil:

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Yay!!! Welcome back @Wildwest. You were missd doll. Im here and set to watching. Sucks bout the AH but love her up n she will make u proud

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Yay good to see you. How’s it going? Or is it how’s it growing? Lol

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Those look good, miss Hannah! Thanks 4 the tag!

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Heeey stranger… my name was fiiirst :hugs: i kno i kno first is the worst…not in my book. As long as she doesnt croke its all good babe think of it this way youll uave some amnesia haze a little before the rest are done … thats y i dont mess with then autos to picky annd no controll comebtake a look over my journal i had a close call had to clear outside grow shed wall cavity what ever you wanna call it …butbthere gonna be flowerinng outside fully qt my best friends so maybe its a blessing in. Disguise good to see your up and running tho cheers babe how did star and penny smoke?


Heeeeellooooo my lovelies, oooh how we have grown :hugs: sooo its been about 2.5 weeks since i posted (fooking terrible on my part) i take full responsibility :joy::joy: any hoo as it was feeding day i decide to take pics for you all…as you know they speak a thousand words :ok_hand:
Happy peeping guys and gals :eyes:

“Miammy” a.k.a amnesia haze auto…

“Willow” a.k.a white widow auto…

“miss kookie” a.k.a cookies kush fem…


Lookin good kid keep it up :slight_smile:

Hey @Wildwest, welcome back! Ladies looking lovely. I don’t get on here as much as I used to but I’ll check in from time to time.

Did you finish up all the smoke from grow #2 or just getting ahead before that happens?

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Heeeeey fellow growers and tokers :hugs:
Thought i would just pop by my own journal amd update :see_no_evil: it has been a fair while AGAIN!!
Pics speak a thousand words so i will keep it short and sweet :kissing_heart:

We have W.W.A week 8 of flower she should be coming down soonish, im guesing :ok_hand:

A.H.A also at week 8 looking short and fat :heart_eyes:

Here is Cookies Kush, week 8, nowhere near ready yet but look at how frosty she is already :heart_eyes::ok_hand::heart_eyes:

Group Photo…

Have a nice day :grin::grin:


Looking good WW. I see you’ve been as absent as me around here lately lol. I hope you’re doing as well as your plants are.

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I have been very absent buuut my attention is none the less on my girls :heart_eyes: altho im having big issues trying to get MIAMMYS ppms down iv been straight watering both autos for 2weeks and today MIAMMYS ppms were over 3,000 :scream::scream: last watering they were around 2,000!!! She is getting the same as WILLOW water wise and her ppms are down in the 500’s which im happy with, they are both on week 10 from flip, I have about a week left id say, can anyone help with getting MIAMMYS ppms down? Should I flush the shit out of her? Iv just watered, Should I wait untill She dryish again to flush her?? Il need a night to air out my tap water. Any help would be kindly apprieciated :hugs:
Pics will follow :ok_hand:


MIAMMY and her trichs…

WILLOW and her trichs…

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MISS KOOKIE is not done nor is she near to done but she is smelling b.e.a.utiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i can not wait to smoke her :blush:


@Willd @DoobieNoobie @Mr.Indica @fano_man @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971

@Watters this is my current grow :sunglasses:


Looks like she has a few weeks to go

I was guestimating a week :see_no_evil: I can let her go longer just seems like foreverrrrrr being autos :thinking: so should I carry on feeding WILLOW? And flush MIAMMY?

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I would feed them 1 more time ! When the pistols turn red then your in business You will want to check your try combs at least every other day because they can turn fast