Twisted Sister, weird leaf curl

I need help identifying this leaf curl. I usually assume leaf curl is a watering problem, but this one is different.

This is a clone of THC Bomb, vegging outdoors, hot summer, organic soil, curled leaves in multiple spots but new growth is OK. The mother plant is not showing this problem. I water every other day with pH around 6 - 6.5, have given it light nutrients and magnesium. No calcium added but lots of gypsum in the soil.

Does anyone recognize this?

@Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74
Please look at my curled leaf photo. Does this like anything you have seen?

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It’s odd and should be watched but not sure there’s a problem. If this is outside did you pull one open to make sure it’s not a caterpillar nesting in the leaf?

@Myfriendis410 I opened a couple leaf balls, no bugs. These are seriously deformed leaves, so I’m guessing some kind of missing nutrient, or too much of something. I’m doing a flush, and my only hesitation was if this condition was from too much water, I didn’t want to add more. The top of the plant looks good.

I mix my own soil and I know the additives are not perfectly mixed. Maybe the roots hit a clump of worm casings, bat shit, bird shit, lump of gypsum, or other Hot substance. Hoping the flushing helps.