Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

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Finally caught up and getting back… had to say hi and let you know I’ve missed ya!! Seeing skeleton’s everywhere thinking of you!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The highest compliment! :smiley: :rofl:

Looks like one of those giant “Home Depot skeletons”, as I’ve heard them referred to. Love it!

Same! Honestly, I think of you and have looked forward to you getting back on when you had the time. When are you going to far (fire) up the tent again?

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I’ve been meaning to take a pic of my neighbors sitting on a hay bale for days but am always running late lol… I saw that one on fb or something had to share it… I have a snake one for ya too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: anywho things are going well enough lol… little one is sick so that’s not any fun… hopefully getting the tent going again soon it’s calling my name… I just can’t quite figure out how to step up my next run and get actual compact good buds lol… plus been playing with my sunflowers lol… but it’s beginning to get cold and I enjoy growing things to much to let that stop me haha so I’ve been cleaning up down there to make room… sorry for the ramble :crazy_face:


Hi @SnkeyezCobra , busy afternoon/eve, sorry for my late reply. It’s not a ramble and no apology needed. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sorry about your little one being sick, hopefully he/she gets


Here are the ladies this morning. Rosie the CBD on the bottom, day 24, and Sammi the GDP, day 17.

Ah heck, look at them scrunched together under one light. But not for long! I finally ordered a second light! I turned to the Light Side, aka HLG, their 150 Patriot. Yesterday, I took advantage of their croptober sale that is also applicable to their refurbs; I spent 50% less than their listed price for the new item.

Long story short, or fairly long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, last week I bought another 150 watt 2x2-ish light from Amazon that made decent claims, as my current light (a different brand) is also a 150 watts 2x2-ish light and has seemed to do well for my plants.

Anyway, over the weekend I had a couple issues with the new light (I still haven’t heard back from that company) and I’m going to return it. Plus, thanks to this forum, LOL, I’ve harbored doubts if the new “Amazon light” really has genuine Samsung 301B diodes and if the PPFD map is for real, as it seems a bit too high.

My husband wasn’t impressed with the issues I had with it, and in talks with him, we discussed the different lighting options/companies and what I was looking for. He doesn’t want me to get an inferior product with problems, and with nearly/non-existent customer service, so he told me to go with HLG. OK, twist my arm. He suggested new, but I like saving money when I can, and I trust that HLG has quality refurbs.

I recently contacted Green Beams to see if they were ever going to offer a (smaller) light for a 2x2 area. They got back to me very quickly, not a surprise, but unfortunately, no smaller-sized light is in their plans.

Well, two plants is good for me, plus I want to continue using my current light, and I want the flexibility of using either one or two lights/plants, i.e. one 150 watt light per plant, so I wanted a smaller 2x2-ish light. My current light doesn’t have a removable driver, so in the summer when I grow only one plant (to minimize heat/humidity/bug annoyances), I’ll use the HLG to reduce heat.

Well, so far and not a surprise, I’m very impressed with HLG’s customer service; I’ve asked the contact person several questions in different emails, and she’s been quick to reply.

Regarding my plants: The larger plant isn’t in pre-flower quite yet and has been doing very well. It seems that she is getting bigger than I expected her to be, but no complaints there, haha.

About the smaller plant, @Graysin was correct, unsurprisingly. :slightly_smiling_face: Those nasty-looking spots on her first set of leaves were an ugly form of variegation or something. As you can see, the rest of the plant’s growth is healthy:

She doesn’t have any pistils yet, so she has extra vegging to do before going into flower. She’ll be due for her 5th node topping very soon, but I’m also considering waiting until her 6th node … and considering when to cut off her first node branches … I might do that today or tomorrow, so that she isn’t cut too much all in one sitting. Normally by now, I would have cut off Sammi’s first node branches, but I haven’t fiddled with her at all, yet, so as to not stress her and to see how she develops. Any input is welcomed, as always.

Thanks for reading my essay! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: (Or just skipping down to here. :joy:)


Looking good up in there! Good on you for the HLG purchase, I was looking and close to pulling the pin on the 350 refurb but I said to myself -

“Self, you know if you buy a new lamp you’re going to want another bigger tent.”

Then I realized I’m doing fine with my current set up - and will likely do better with the autopot grow. Maybe next October. :wink:


This is exactly why I haven’t bought more lights. I’m full up. So full I have a 2x2 I haven’t even set up yet. I need to clean my GD grow room first. :man_facepalming:


I do think that my current lights are more than enough for the 3x3.

I seriously need to tidy Sally up a bit, she’s SO BUSHY. She has rather small gaps between the nodes. I’ll pay better attention to that on the next grow. Nice for her to be dense, but it’s haystack city up in there again.


Sammi the GDP was ready for topping this morning. On the before pic, I can see a tiny bit of purple coming out on that top, so maybe she’ll be more of a purple-ly Grandaddy Purple:

After topping:

Looks like she could use some stretching under there. Soon, very soon. As of this morning, she is 5" tall. Her first set of branches seem somewhat well-developed, so it looks like I’ll keep those on her. Today I finally cut off her first set of serrated leaves that were wonkily variegated; usually, I cut those off early, but I wanted to let her do her thing, long story short, lol. Later today, I was able to do a small amount of leaf tucking on her first set of branches.

Rosie the CBD grew a lot overnight, her branches are longer, the top two branches shot up 2".

She’s in/about-to-be-in flower:

The second light isn’t expected until Tuesday, which seems a long way off, lol.


They both look fabulous! Rosie looks like the hedgehogs are peeking out - as fast as she’s growing likely tomorrow. Always an exciting time.

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Yep, every morning is like Christmas! But better, and I won’t count the ways! :rofl:

I didn’t note the name, but today I saw a forum member who had a sloth face in their profile pic. :wink: They sure are cute!

We just finished watching Thor: Love and Thunder. We really enjoyed it, I love Taika Waititi’s sense of humor. Of course, he is one of the folks who created What We Do in the Shadows, both the movie and series that I like so much.


Along the same line, I accidentally found myself watching the show Ghosts and it wasn’t bad at all. I’ll have to give WWDITS a try. My bestie likes it too.


Where is on?


It’s actually on CBS. Yeah I was shocked too. :wink:


I love Ghosts. Makes me laugh every week!


My last plant that was sativa-dominant looked more like an Indica, in that it was short, compact, and had thick, dense buds. This Indica CBD plant, which is billed as being small, looks more sativa-dominant in that’s on the taller side, for this strain and how it’s described. But this one has some big, fat Indica leaves for sure. Both were/are in 2-gallon grow bags. It all doesn’t matter, it’s just one of the things that makes growing fun and interesting.

I’m pointing at Rosie’s topped area; somehow, I think she doesn’t give a rip about her topping (at the 5th node/above the 4th), it seems that she still wants to be apical dominant.

She’s smelling skunky, and I love the dark purple that’s beginning to show up! :yum:


Didn’t you just top her like 5 minutes ago? I swear this old age time fast forward thing is getting to be a drag!

Wow, look at that purple coming!


:smile: Maybe you are thinking of Sammi the GDP, I topped her this past Friday. This plant was topped two weeks ago. So, you’re fine, it’s all fine, everything’s fine … :joy:


You maniac! :scream: :smiling_imp: